Review: Beastly Passion by Renee Field

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Review: Beastly Passion by Renee Field

Maeja, queen of the Dragonian race, believes in words like duty, control and honor. She will do anything to keep her subjects safe from spying Earth technology. Her captain-at-arms knows now is the time to teach Maeja her beastly passion is not a curse. With her world on the brink of disaster, she must overcome her inhibitions and let lust control her. Taking two dragon warrior men as lovers might be too much change, but more than just her body is undergoing a cataclysmic transformation. Where dragons rule, passion follows.

Title: Beastly Passion
Author: Renee Field
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Published by Ellora's Cave
Source: Publisher
Published: January 14, 2011
Genres: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Pages: 96
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: five-flames

The world that Beastly Passion is set in is unique and easily enjoyable. I guess I should say planet. The planet Castra was in trouble just a few hundred years ago. An ice age had decimated the land and much of Castra’s inhabitants suffered from it. Now due to a tedious agreement with Earth the Dragons are seeing better times. The dragons now have more advanced technology, warmer climes, and the ice age has passed. A new problem is on the horizon and it is threatening the lives that queen Maeja has sacrificed so much for. She only wants what is best for her people.

Maeja has made many changes since she became queen. To keep the alliance with Earth she has forbade many of the old Dragonian ways. Humans view dragons as violet myths of folklore not a race to trade and form an accord with. When Maeja learns from the most unlikely source that things must change in the most unlikely ways she is in shock. She soon learns that the things she yearns for and always thought were out of reach are much closer than she expected.

The queens most valued guard Geirsson is tasked with a job he has no intentions of filling the way Maeja has ordered. He wants this particular order taken care of, but he wants to be the one to take care of it. He wants his queen to see him as more than her guard. He also wants to help her solve the problems that are beginning to arise. He is in fact more than willing to help her with the solutions to her problems.

Let me tell you that when Ms Field turns the heat up on her characters there is not a slow warming to boiling. She takes her characters from lusty to scorching hot in no time at all. Maeja and Geirsson are hot. The dragon mating process on its own is hot. Then Renee adds Valdason into the mix. Readers are treated to one hot ménage romance between sexy dragon shifters that have some subtle anatomical differences that makes the coupling sexy and different.

My only complaint is that not only was I left wanting more book for me, but I was left feeling like Valdason needed more. By the time this hot sexy Dragon male is really brought to the pages things have started really moving to the climatic end. While it is written into the story just how he fits in I didn’t get enough page time with it to feel it. He felt like a spare part that would be kept around because he will become more.

Renee Field


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