Review: Beauty and the Curse by K.M. Fawcett & Cathy Tully

May 12, 2014 Review 1

Review: Beauty and the Curse  by K.M. Fawcett & Cathy Tully

Cursed by a jealous witch, wealthy recluse Anabel Charming is destined to grow uglier with each passing year. Only by having sex before her twenty-first birthday can this virgin’s spell be broken. Yet no man will agree to sleep with the humpbacked, pockmarked, one-leg-shorter-than-the-other “Freak of Park Avenue.” 

When handsome Chase Singleton shows up on a quest to retrieve his grandmother’s long-lost talisman, which Anabel now possesses, Anabel is willing to give up the jewel…if Chase agrees to break her curse. With two days left before her chance at a normal life is lost forever, Anabel and Chase discover the reality of beauty, the power of sexual healing, and the meaning of love.

Title: Beauty and the Curse
Author: Cathy Tully, K.M. Fawcett
Published by StoryFront
Source: Author
Published: 19 March, 2014
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Pages: 77
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-flames

What a fun story!

Anabel is living under a curse that will become permanent on her 21st birthday if she doesn’t find a man to willingly make love to her.  Reclusive and afraid, the years since her parent’s deaths have been isolated and lonely: her few outings have resulted in a paparazzi crush.

Chase has long been his grandmother’s support and confidante.  Even though his parents had prohibited his interactions with her, he has kept a job in the family company that he hates to be able to provide for her.  His grandmother is ailing, and when she spots an amulet around the neck of Anabel in a paparazzi photo, an amulet that she thought was long gone; she presses Chase to get it.

Chase uses his position in the family security firm to gain entrance into Anabel’s apartment, and she tries several rather clumsy attempts at seducing her, before the two actually are honest about the reason they are together.  Chase never believed in magic until he met Anabel’s dragon Jaxie: a Grease (the movie) obsessed fire breather with an appetite for chocolates and pepperoni pizza.  Further enhanced by the room full of toads, that once were men who cruelly rebuffed Anabel’s requests they break her curse, the slow revelation of Chase’s character as he truly sees the beauty that is hidden under Anabel’s deformed and mottled body is sweetly endearing.

Anabel’s lack of experience battling with her determination made for some sweetly awkward scenes, and Chase’s ability to recognize her shyness and underlying sweet nature kept the story moving forward with each character developing and learning lessons on the way.  The pet dragon and his romantic advice, all based on the film Grease was hysterically wrong, if well meant, and the conversations that he has with Chase as he helps make pancakes in the morning is adorable.

A light and fun read with some true heart as the characters find happiness with one another – this is a fun read that will have you ahh-ing and laughing in equal measure.

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