Review: Betrayed by Your Kiss by Laura Landon

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Review: Betrayed by Your Kiss by Laura Landon

It should have been the happiest night of her life…

Lady Olivia Sheridan knows one thing: she has loved Lord Damien forever. But when her beloved is accused of fathering another woman’s child, Olivia’s world is shattered in ways she never thought possible. Especially when Damien’s accuser sets a huge price on his head, and Olivia discovers Damien’s death will be the only outcome…unless she does the one thing he will never forgive her for doing.

When Olivia’s plan to save him goes disastrously, dangerously awry, Damien doesn’t think he’ll ever see the light of day again and, with bitterness, he realizes that the woman he loves is capable of the ultimate betrayal.

Now, four years later, Damien has returned. His eye is on one thing: seeking revenge for what Olivia did to him. Only his heart may get in the way…

Because hell hath no fury…like a man betrayed.

Title: Betrayed by Your Kiss
Author: Laura Landon
Published by Montlake Romance
Source: Publisher
Published: March 24, 2015
Genres: Historical Romace
Pages: 255
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: two-half-flames

Be warned!  Do not start this close to bedtime as a go to sleep type book.  It won’t work.  It kept me up all night.  I could not put it down.  It is one of those!  The emotional drama going on in this totally grabbed me.  I was enthralled.  I haven’t really pulled an all-nighter like this in a while.  But, as they say, who needs sleep anyway?

From the first page I knew I was in trouble.  This started with the happy ever after.  The hero, Lord Damien, and the heroine, Lady Olivia, were celebrating their engagement.  They were holding hands, beaming at each other.  He would lean over and whisper sweet words of love in her ear.  She would blush and gaze at him adoringly.  This was the first page.  I just knew this was going to go terribly bad.  Of course it did.  It not only went bad, it got worse.  OMG!  I was heartbroken.

Then Lord Damien is on the field of honor, fighting a duel.  I will say, the emotion and action going on was so enthralling that it wasn’t until much later in the book that I realized, the historical accuracy of this book left something to be desired.  Fortunately, that didn’t take away from my enjoyment, but it did leave me scratching my head a bit.  This is supposed to be a Victorian era duel.  It was presented more like a sporting event – lots of spectators were crowding the scene – or a gun fight in Dodge City at high noon.  They had multiple shot pistols.  Oops.  I noticed this later in the book when there was a shoot-out in an alley.

But, as I said, the emotional drama was gripping.  It continued to flow endlessly throughout the book.  The characters were written in such a fashion that I couldn’t decide from one moment to the next whether or not I even liked them.  This was especially true for Lord Damien.  He was mostly a man of the era.  Autocratic.  Keep the little lady home and safe.  Not to mention, everything is someone else’s fault due to betrayal, or whatever, and he is going to get everything that he was promised.  It is his right!  Love?  Cannot trust love.  It can be used against you.  He became such an idiot.

Lady Olivia was a woman fighting the restrictions of the era that said women were decorations for the drawing room and had nothing to contribute in the office.  She was intelligent.  Loyal to a fault.  Very capable of taking care of herself and everyone else.  But, she was a woman.  Does she get any acknowledgement or credit?  Nope.  Pretty much just a kick in the teeth.  Her father’s will leaves her reeling.

I know, this sounds like I didn’t like the book.  Quite the contrary.  All of this just kept me interested and turning the page.  It involved my emotions in the story.  All this conflict and “battle of the sexes” if you will, held me hostage.  That is why I didn’t notice the gun thing right away, I was invested in the emotional aspect of the story.  I wanted to wade in and knock some heads together.  It is a talented author that can enthrall me that significantly and keep me up reading all night.

After all of that, I found the ending a tad abrupt.  Lord Damien finally came to his senses, Lady Olivia forgave him, they kiss – end of book.  I went through all that heartache and drama and didn’t even get a marriage?  Let alone a wedding night?  *sigh*  The beginning was more joyous.  A bit anti-climactic, but they did get to the happy.

If you like emotionally traumatic stories, you will love this.  Historical romance lovers, you may enjoy it like I did.  There were the balls, opera and musicals.  The family drama and scandal.  The usual historical goodies, but with some modern flavor.  It mostly worked.  Check it out.  I think you might like it.

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