Review: Betrayed The Cuvier Widows 2 by Sylvia McDaniel

April 19, 2013 Review 0

Review: Betrayed The Cuvier Widows 2 by Sylvia McDaniel

Nicole Cuvier went to New Orleans to share the most wonderful news with her husband only to discover him in a hotel room murdered, with two other women claiming to be his wife. It seems there are three Cuvier Widows and one is suspected of murder.

For years, Nicole Cuvier had tried to erase the shame of her illegitimate birth and start the family she longed for with her husband, Jean. As the mistress of Rosewood, she owns one of the largest plantations on the River Road in Louisiana. Now, she's pregnant, unmarried-a widow with a plantation dependent upon the sugar cane crop to survive. She needs a temporary husband. Handsome Maxim Viel, a drifter, comes to her rescue and marries her, but unbeknownst to Nicole, Maxim wants more than a temporary arrangement. He has the power to heal her shattered heart, but could his past be intertwined with Rosewood?

Title: Betrayed
Author: Sylvia McDaniel
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Series: Cuvier Women
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Published by Virtual Bookseller
Source: Author
Published: December 30, 2012
Genres: Historical Romace
Pages: 125
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-flames

A heartbroken mistress to Jean Cuvier, Nicole is left with a plantation Jean put in her name, without the man she thought was her husband and pregnant with a baby who will grow up without a father.  Not wanting her baby to go through life as she did and needing someone to help her run the home, she searches for a temporary solution to her current situation.  She comes across Maxim, a handsome drifter who isn’t at all what he seems.  With vested interest in trying to get Nicole to sell her plantation, Max agrees to marry Nicole, hoping that his agreement will eventually lead to his primary goal of owning her home.  Unfortunately for Max, his heart had other plans and he fights tooth and nail to try and prove to Nicole that their marriage is more than just a business agreement before his lies catch up to him.

I enjoyed this book more than the first, simply because the characters were a little more believable.  Nicole’s desperation to provide a better life for her child is commendable and something that most women can relate to on a very deep level.  Similar to the first book, this one follows suit, as the male that comes into the heroine’s life deceives her to get what he wants, only to find out that what he truly wants is her heart.  So far, this series has done a great job stretching the boundaries of trust and forgiveness, proving that it takes faith to create a strong relationship.

The first two Cuvier wives have been fun, and I certainly can’t wait to find out what happens next to Layla, and to find out just who the murderer truly is!

Sylvia McDaniel


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