Review: Beyond the Night (The Heroes of New Vegas Book 1) by Colleen Gleason

February 15, 2017 Review 0

Review: Beyond the Night (The Heroes of New Vegas Book 1) by Colleen Gleason

First in the acclaimed, award-winning Heroes of New Vegas series.

From New York Times bestselling author Colleen Gleason (previously writing as Joss Ware) comes a unique paranormal romance series set in a devastated world.

Everything they knew is gone...
Five men emerge from the remnants of destruction with extraordinary new powers.
They are humankind's last hope, but they cannot survive this devastated world alone.

When Dr. Elliott Drake emerges from a cave after traveling fifty years through time, the world as he knew it in 2010 is gone. Cities are overgrown jungles, and what's left of civilization has been repressed by crystal-wearing immortal beings. But even more unsettling: Elliott has acquired an extraordinary ability--the power to heal.

But even that gift, in a world that lacks the technology and infrastructure of his past, is a two-edged sword for Elliott.

Jade Kapiza, who was once imprisoned by the immortal beings, has been in hiding for years. But now she's determined to help the human race fight back against the control of her captors. She can trust no one...but when Elliott comes into her life, he pushes at her defenses and begins to tear down the walls she's built so carefully.

Yet the mysterious doctor seems to have secrets of his own. Can Jade trust Elliott with her heart, even as they risk their lives to save a band of innocents?

And can Elliott find a new place for himself--a home--in this new, ravaged world?

Title: Beyond the Night
Author: Colleen Gleason
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Series: The Heroes of New Vegas #1
Other books in this series that we've reviewed: Embrace the Night, Abandon the Night, Night Beckons, Night Forbidden
Published by Avid Press
Source: Author
Published: November 23, 2016
Genres: Apocalypse, Romance
Pages: 324
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: three-flames
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YES! Finally a new series I can sink my teeth into. It’s feels like it’s been a while since I’ve gotten hold of a really good series. I knew 1/3 of the way in I was going to read the entire The Heroes of New Vegas . Beyond the Night is exactly what I needed to get over the ho hum ‘too much romance not enough action’ slump I have found myself in.

There are usually three things I want in a story to make me happy. A good plot, good characters, and action/suspense that keeps me guessing. Beyond the Night has all three. I’m not going into details because frankly, there are a lot of layers that need to be discovered as they happen. And that is what I loved about it. All those layers! As the first book in the series, yes there needs to be a lot of ground work detailing which for some folks may be tedious and boring. Me, I live for it. I like all the background build up, the attention to detail but still there is a lot to discover as the series unfolds. To top it off there’s a whole lot of action and suspense that keeps the story moving fast and me happy and guessing. 

There’s quite a few characters to get to know. Mainly they revolve around five guys from the past. This story is Elliott’s. His and Jade’s that is. Two strong characters that I instantly liked. Jade was great and yet a little quirky with her always needing to be in control but it was Elliott that really held my fascination. His ‘gift’, oh boy. Ironic considering he is/was a doctor. How he learns to deal with it was yikesy and exciting to me although there is a moment with a crystal that had me head scratching. The heat between them was at the right temperature without pushing this post-apocalyptic romance into the tacky trashy realm. There’s also a whole slew of secondary character. Thankfully all the other characters are not just drive-by fillers instead they add substance to the storyline that had me begging to know they story as well. 

I friend has suggested this series was right up my alley and that I would enjoy it. Yup, loved it. Already started telling my book buds this one is a keeper and they need to read it. Beyond the Night by Colleen Gleason is the perfect read for anyone looking to try out a post-apocalyptic/dystopian romance. Counting the days until I can start the next book.

Note: The Heroes of New Vegas was formerly written as Joss Ware, and known as The Envy Chronicles which is where I first read this book.

Beyond the Night

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