Review: Big Game (The V V Inn #3) by C.J. Ellisson

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Review: Big Game (The V V Inn #3) by C.J. Ellisson

In this much-anticipated third installment of the V V Inn series, our sexy couple journeys to Argentina, bringing half their seethe along for the ride. Vivian and Rafe venture into the Seat of Darkness, the Tribunal's base, to uncover who's plotting against them and why. From a cold, windy island off the southern Argentine coast, to the decadence of Buenos Aires, the group has plenty to keep their attention--seductive twins, deadly games, and a bunch of bloodsucking fiends who hate our much-loved, despotic innkeeper enough to see her dead. Asa and Jon remain in Alaska, to manage the famous inn as it opens doors to a new type of guest. Visiting werewolves go on their first exploration of the property, looking for big game--hormones run high and shots ring out across the tundra. Soon, the hunters become the hunted and the peaceful getaway resembles a battleground. How many will survive the next five days and will they ever be the same again? Warning: This book contains very explicit sex scenes and is not intended for readers under 18.

Title: Big Game
Author: C.J. Ellisson
Other books by this author that we've reviewed: Death's Servant, Vampire Vacation, The Hunt, Death Times Two
Series: V V Inn #3
Other books in this series that we've reviewed: Death's Servant, Vampire Vacation, The Hunt, Death Times Two
Published by Self
Source: Author
Published: December 2, 2013
Genres: Erotic Paranormal Romance, Suspense
Pages: 302
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Stars: three-stars
Flames: four-flames

The first person present point of view in this book required even more concentrations than The Hunt.  Not only was there several people used to narrate this story, but there was two locations, so in essence we were actually reading two different stories.  One story happens at the V V Inn in Alaska while the other happens in different locations in Argentina.  As in The Hunt, each member of the seethe gets their chance to narrate their point of view.

It was quite frustrating to me to be reading about Jonathan’s struggles with finding love while trying to run a hunt in Alaska that has gone very wrong, then suddenly switch to Vivian in the “Seat of Darkness” in Buenos Aires.  It was like switching back and forth between two TV shows.  One can catch most of the highlights of the shows, but one is bound to miss something in one or the other.  That is what I felt in this.  I think each story would have stood on its own, but to share a title, I felt each story may have lost something.  My opinion.

I am excited that Jonathan may have found his mate.  I want more detail on that.  I like Jonathan and Spike/Candy intrigues me.  What is the issue with Cy?  Why was he in Washington State?  Did his appearance in Alaska actually help in any way?  The dynamics in the relationship between Asa and his brother Eric is interesting and could be further explored.

In the meantime down in Argentina, what exactly are Paul’s emerging powers and why does no one else seem concerned?  Is there reason for concern?  Drew and Chelle want to take the next step.  Drew is so old fashion, it is sweet even if only briefly touched on. Who exactly messed with the staff on the vacation island?  Was it all of them or just some?   What was the reason behind it?  What is this about the Alantians?  That sure came out of left field.  Rolando!?!  Good guy or bad guy?

While the Alaskan story line was more or less cleared up, the Argentina story line certainly was not.  There are so many dangling threads, be careful not to trip over any.  I am not a fan of an unfinished story.  Especially this one.  It leaves me questioning, since I had such a difficult time staying until the end of each of the first three books, do I even want to seek out another that isn’t even written yet?  Time will tell.


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