Review: Black Cat Strut by Cheryl Dragon

October 29, 2014 Review 0

Review: Black Cat Strut by Cheryl Dragon

Isaac Fraser is ready to take his friendship with Austin Damoth to the next level but his sexy coworker avoids his every move.

But Isaac isn’t giving up and he has a foolproof plan to get closer to Isaac. As a stray cat, he can show Austin attention and affection without the fear of another rejection. Coming clean about being a shifter is a risk but Austin has a secret of his own. Sex and passion aren’t his problem, but they might be the answer.

Title: Black Cat Strut
Author: Cheryl Dragon
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Source: Publisher
Published: 31 October, 2014
Genres: Erotic Short, Male Male Romance, Paranormal
Pages: 30
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Stars: three-stars
Flames: four-flames

A cute Halloween tale – Austin and Isaac have been working together for a while, and have a friendly relationship.  In fact, Isaac is the only friend that Austin has made after moving from a very small, very conservative town after a bit of family uproar.  Rather than join in on the Halloween fun and go out to one of the many parties with Isaac, he heads home for a quiet night.

Isaac is determined to force Austin’s hand and emotions, but he can’t seem to break through the reserve.  Following Austin home, he quickly finds himself at the mercy of teenagers out looking for trouble.   Austin rescues the stray black tomcat that he has fed often the past few weeks, and when turning to grab yet another can of tuna for the cat, the cat suddenly shifts into a very large, very naked Isaac.

At this point – I expected Austin to shriek and run – it’s a pretty huge revelation. Instead, hormones took over and their relationship went from friends who lusted to love and commitment in the space of a few hours.

Cute with some sexy bits tossed in to fuel the connection between the two, this is pure escapist fantasy, and does it well, if in a very short form.  A bit rushed and light on the character development and connection, it was an easy and fun read that doesn’t challenge but does entertain.


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