Review: Blind: Killer Instincts by Sidney Bristol

October 12, 2015 Review 2

Review: Blind: Killer Instincts by Sidney Bristol

He recognizes the darkness in her. It’s in him, too.

Detective Jacob Payton knows the clock is ticking down. Someone is about to die, and his best suspect is also his only source of information. He’s known Emma Ration’s story for years—after all, a brutal serial killer left his mark on both their lives when they were still young. Meeting her is another experience altogether. She challenges his control and entices him in ways no other woman has.

But is she the killer? As the bodies pile up and their passion ignite, Jacob runs the risk of losing his control. Falling for Emma was never in his plan, but now that she’s part of his life he’s not about to give her up. Not even to the FBI on the trail of the very same killer.

Jacob must figure out if it’s Emma in danger, or himself. If he can’t uncover the identity of the copycat killer, it could be the end for both him and the woman who has fast become the center of his life.

Blind, a new romantic suspense book for fans of Criminal Minds and The Following, from New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author Sidney Bristol.

Title: Blind: Killer Instincts
Author: Sidney Bristol
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Published by Inked Press
Source: Author
Published: October 6, 2015
Genres: Crime Drama, Romantic Suspense
Pages: 294
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: three-flames

Calling all fans of Criminal Minds.  You do not want to miss this book.  I think I mentioned a while ago that I got to watch some of that amazing show this summer.  I fell in love with it.  It is on my “gotta binge watch from the beginning” list.

Then I read this book.  Although the characters have different names and physical descriptions, it still had the feel of an episode of Criminal Minds.  For some this might not work, but for me . . . I loved it.  I am a fan.

I found the back-stories of the main characters fascinating.  What a unique thing to connect them and bring them together.  But then for them to actually fall for each other too . . . it made a quirky kind of sense.  Although how they managed to find time to fall in love with all the murder and mayhem going on around them is a mystery all by itself.  That is what makes good story telling.

There was an amazing mix of action, murder and romance.  The characters were nicely developed and interesting.  Even the self-serving LT.  Love when the FBI came to town.  We didn’t get to see a conference on a private jet, but loved how they all showed up and did their thing.

I didn’t necessarily like all of this team.  We have one guy who is coming across as misogynistic.  Leaves me wondering what that is all about and where the author may be going with it.  Hopefully there will be more with this FBI BAU. (Behavioral Analysis Unit.)  I think that is the direction we are going if the tease at the end of this one is any indication, though it sounds like it is also going to feature Rachel’s brother Travis.  If it is anything like this one, it too will be a good read.  I look forward to it regardless!

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