Review: Blind Ride (Roughstock #1) by B.A. Tortuga

August 4, 2015 Review 0

Review: Blind Ride (Roughstock #1) by B.A. Tortuga

Jason Scott has everything a bull rider wants: success, money and traveling partner, Andy Baxter. When he loses his sight in an accident, he stands to lose it all.

Jason Scott is at the top of the bull-riding game, on his way to a winning season. Along with his traveling partner, Andy Baxter, he's riding hard on the circuit, working around the country with all of the other bull riders and bull fighters, living the good life. The only thing he wishes he had is Bax, but he's afraid to take the step that would make them more than friends, worried it will ruin everything.

When a terrible accident leaves Jason unable to see, his whole life goes south. Jason decides to chuck it all, determined to go home and hide at his momma's ranch. Bax has other ideas. He wants to make sure his best friend doesn't give up, and he hatches a plan that stuns Jason and makes their friends and family think he's crazy.

With the help of the other bull riders and a very persistent bull fighter named Coke, Bax convinces Jason to give life one more try. With Jason cautiously learning to hope, and his relationship with Bax going to the next level, life gets pretty complicated. Everyone gets in on the project, from Jason's strong-willed mother to an entire ranch full of children, all of them working to help Jason do what he loves.

Publisher's Note: This book was previously published elsewhere. It has been revised and re-edited for release with Totally Bound.

Title: Blind Ride
Author: B.A. Tortuga
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Series: Roughstock
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Published by Pride
Source: Publisher
Published: August 4, 2015
Genres: Male Male Romance, Western Romance
Pages: 208
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Stars: two-stars
Flames: four-flames
Totally Bound

Jason Scott and Andy Bax Baxter are best friends. They have been traveling the rodeo circuit together for the past six years. They have been hiding their attraction to the other for longer than that. All it takes is one ride gone bad and these two cowboys finds themselves at pivotal point in their lives. Things have changed for both of them and it is time for them to cowboy up and make the best of a bad situation. Together they will make this crossroads into a road to a new and vastly different future.

There are a few things that worked for me with Blind Ride. Sadly it is only a few. The sexing is hot. This made for a very sexy read. The cowboys (all of them) are hilarious. They cut up in ways that only men who share a love for something as passionate as they do can. That’s where the enjoyment ends for me.

There were times I wanted to scream at the characters. These cowboys are lacking some serious common sense at times. There are professionals in the medical industry that could have helped Jason with many of the stumbling bumblings of life as a blind man. These options were never considered. Jase is whisked away by Momma to learn how to do what he has always done… just differently, with the hopes of hiding the obvious from everyone. I’m used to suspension of disbelief with paranormals but the characters within these pages are humans.

I also never figured out if Jason and Andy were gay men or were enjoying the gay for you troupe. There are a couple of past instances mentioned that made me question if they had hook ups with randoms, or even each other. These are things that are glossed over as memories. The fact that I never knew for certain what exactly went on bothered me. There were also mild hints that a couple of the secondary characters knew what was going on between Bax and Jason, but on the other hand I was under the impression they didn’t want anyone to know what was going on between them. It was infuriating!

The ending leaves the reader to make their own speculations as to where their lives will go from that point. I didn’t feel that this was a happily ever after. I looked at the next few books in the Roughstock series and it appears that the author moves on to other couples. This is definitely not a series that I would consider moving on with.

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