Review: Blood Ties (The Vanderguard Vampires #1) by Lavinia Lewis

April 27, 2015 Review 0

Review: Blood Ties (The Vanderguard Vampires #1) by Lavinia Lewis

Vampire prince Thomas Vanderguard’s consort was killed by a soulless vampire drone over two hundred years ago. Now that Thomas has finally found love again, can he keep Daniel safe, or is history about to repeat itself?

Vampire prince Thomas Vanderguard has been alone for over two hundred years—ever since the death blow that killed his companion, Jacob. For centuries, Drones have sought to eradicate his family’s royal lineage so that a rival family may seize the throne and gain control of their territory. But Thomas’ self-imposed solitude comes to an end when Daniel Alexander walks into his life. After several months of refusal, Thomas finally gives in to Daniel’s request to change him into a vampire, even though he fears Daniel will meet the same fate as Jacob.

With a possible eternity of happiness stretching out in front of them, can Thomas keep his lover safe or is history about to repeat itself?

Title: Blood Ties
Author: Lavinia Lewis
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Series: Vanderguard Vampires
Published by Totally Bound
Source: Publisher
Published: April 17, 2015
Genres: Male Male Romance, Paranormal Romance
Pages: 175
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Stars: three-stars
Flames: three-flames
Bailey Bradford

Blood Ties is the first book in The Vanderguard Vampires series by Lavinia Lewis. I’ve never read any of her books before but I liked the cover, found the blurb interesting so I thought I would take a change.

Of the two main characters, Daniel was my favorite. I liked his easy going side mixed in with strong freak in the sheets. It made he come off as cute and hot. Thomas on the other hand I had moments of wanting to shake him. I get that his lover had been killer eons ago, but his yes/no, I can’t/I want flip-flopping back and forth did get to be old at times. So glad he worked it out in his head because when they did, and they got their action on it was pretty hot!

The story itself was fairly well paced. Good action scenes mixed in with just enough drama keeps this PNR moving along. The dialog, as does the emotions, runs between fun snappy, angry, to deep sorrow. All of it flows together well and it’s easy to get lost in the story. I found myself liking all the secondary characters. The only problem is that there is a war going on and you know during times of war, things aren’t always good. Not giving anything away but there were a few deaths, I didn’t see, nor wanted to see coming.

I know this is a series but I didn’t really feel any of the secondary characters (that were still alive) standing-out to have their own book. I did, however, find the ending was pretty good. A nice HEA with a cliffhanger, not one that will drive you bonkers but just enough of a tease to lure you in to find out what happens next. Perfect reading for anyone who likes M/M vamp stories without all the angsty pain.

I received this book from the JeepDiva for the express purposes of an honest review. The opinions and rating of this review are solely mine and in no way was I compensated.


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