Review: Body of Work by Karla Doyle

May 23, 2013 Review 1

Review: Body of Work by Karla Doyle

Cassie has fantasized about the ginger-haired personal trainer for months. Brian is friendly, but never more—until he appears on her doorstep and shows her how much her flirting has affected him. The more she’s with him, the more Cassie wants the fairytale, not just hot sex with the six-two hunk. She can give Brian full access to her body, but after her ex’s reaction to her explicit photography business, sharing her secrets, and her heart, isn't an option.

Brian knows better than to break the rules. Don’t date gym members. Keep his inner beast on a leash during sex. Cassie tested his resolve on number one her first day in the gym. Shattered the second rule when he touched her. The petite pixie shares his preferences in the bedroom. She makes him laugh and love—but past mistakes haunt him, emotionally and tangibly. Cassie’s worth the price he’ll pay for breaking the rules. Now he must convince her to give him her heart.

Title: Body of Work
Author: Karla Doyle
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Source: Publisher
Published: May 1, 2013
Genres: Erotic Contemporary Romance
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Stars: three-half-stars
Flames: five-flames

Cassie has had her eye on one of the trainers at her gym for months.  After flirting with him and not getting any reaction she decides that he isn’t  interested and vows to stop flirting.  Brian has noticed Cassie.  In fact, if it wasn’t for a clause in his contract he would have made a move on her months ago but the threat of being fired makes him keep his distance.  Until one night when Cassie forgets her phone at the gym and Brian returns it to her.  Once he’s at her house, he decides to throw caution to the wind and make his move.

I loved Brian.  Over six feet of muscles, red hair and a beard.  He is also the sweetest guy to Cassie.  He’s thoughtful, loving, gentle and rough (in bed and other places of course). Whatever Cassie needs at the time.  He ends up being more open to Cassie that she is to him.  Cassie has major trust issues with men.  After she was seriously hurt (emotionally) by her ex fiancé she doesn’t really trust men.  Even when Brian is giving her no indications that he will hurt or betray her trust, she just won’t give in.  It becomes one of the main elements in the story.  Personally I thought she should just let it go and not judge Brian by another man, especially after he proved over and over that he was more trustworthy but Cassie was stubborn.

From the first chapter these two sizzle in and out of bed.  The sex was hot, plentiful and varied.  Brian was very creative when it came to sex and Cassie was willing to try pretty much whatever he wanted.  Both especially liked to be a little rough so there was some light bondage, spanking ect.

I really enjoyed reading about Brian and Cassie.  There were times that I was wanting to pull Cassie through the screen and shake her for how she acted but I could understand her fears.  I wanted to pull Brian through the screen as well but for completely different and selfish reasons.  I did feel like the ending was a little too drawn out but I enjoyed the brief glimpse into the future.

I would like to read more by Doyle.  I enjoyed her writing and felt a connection to the characters from the beginning.  I like how she slowly brought in new characters and didn’t overload the reader with too much information at once.  This was my first book by her but it defiantly won’t be my last.

Karla Doyle


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  1. Karla Doyle

    Thank you for the review! I’m glad you enjoyed Brian and Cassie’s story (and especially Brian!). 🙂