Review: Body Rocks (Off Beat #1) by A.M. Arthur

June 27, 2016 Review 0

Review: Body Rocks (Off Beat #1) by A.M. Arthur

Everything is finally falling into place for Trey Cooper: his band has been accepted into one of the biggest music competitions in the country…too bad their drummer just quit to play with XYZ, their biggest rival. When Trey has a mind-blowingly hot hookup with a mysterious violinist, Trey definitely plans to see him again – just not on stage as a member XYZ.

Dominic Bounds’ time to make his musical dreams come true is running out. If something doesn’t happen fast, he has to head home to find a real job. This competition is his last chance, and Dom needs to come out on top – but he never expected to fall for his rival. As Dom and Trey risk everything to begin a secret affair, there’s no denying their chemistry is off the charts – but could their band rivalry turn their romance into a one-hit wonder?

Title: Body Rocks
Author: A.M. Arthur
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Series: Off Beat
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Published by Swerve
Source: Publisher
Published: June 28, 2016
Genres: Erotic Romance, Male Male Romance, New Adult
Pages: 262
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: four-flames
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Following the sage advice of his bandmate, best friend, and roommate, Trey Cooper leaves their beach house to “go out and get laid already.” He assumes he will just go to Off Beat (his place of employment and the establishment that helped his band get started with regular gigs) and enjoy the show of open mike night. What he gets is a show he will never forget performed by a gorgeous man playing a violin. His boss even suggests that he get on stage and play with this handsome new comer so that he may wow the crowd some more with this talent on the violin. Trey can’t get enough of Dom on stage. He’s thrilled that he followed Danielle’s advice because Dom isn’t ready for their time together to end when their stage time is up.

Performing in front of a crowd is nothing new to Dominic Bounds. It’s his dream and he and his bandmates of XYZ are at the top of their game and have just been added to the list to compete at Unbound. While on an out of town gig Dom sneaks away from his bandmates to play at an open mike night at a venue they’ve never played. This is something Dom feels he needs to do on his own. It’s something he has to do for himself. Dom and his violin in front of a crowd is a huge hurdle.

The fact that Coop and Dom embark on a secret romance while competing for the same end goal where Unbound is concerned lets readers know there is all sorts of tension and angst within the pages of this book. There’s so much more here than just that. Coop has let his followers believe in an image that he never put out there, but he’s never denied it either. That image puts Dom in too close of proximity of a closet that he left years ago. Both young men have pasts that are dark. They’ve both went through hardships that no one should have to go though. All these things made them such amazing characters to read, they put me through an emotional rollercoaster while reading them.

It’s not a secret that I love A.M. Arthur’s books. So I knew I couldn’t go wrong grabbing this one. I have never been a fan of rock-star romances. I still jumped on the opportunity to read Body Rocks though. These guys aren’t rock stars, yet. They’re young college age guys who are in rival bands that are both after the winning position in a music competition. I feel that this is a big difference from rock star. Apparently I just don’t dig music themed romances. I still loved the story and enjoyed all of the characters. I’m looking forward to the next book Steady Stroke, big time. Readers are introduced to one of the main characters here. I believe he will have an interesting story to tell.

Favorite quote, Trey to Dominic: “Only place I have to be is wherever you’re going.”

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