Review: Bound Beneath His Pain (Dirty Little Secrets #1) by Stacey Kennedy

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Review: Bound Beneath His Pain  (Dirty Little Secrets #1) by Stacey Kennedy

The USA Today bestselling author of the Club Sin novels kicks off a deeply sensual new series by introducing readers to Micah, a man who takes what he wants—until he meets the one woman he needs.

Real estate mogul Micah Holt exerts absolute control over all aspects of his life. As a founding member of the Dominants Council that oversees San Francisco's sex club scene, he keeps his dark side hidden away from the press, who will chase down any hint of scandal. He's always in command of his world, careful to expose his closely guarded secrets only to those he knows he can trust. Then Allie Bennett shakes his legendary discipline. She's beautiful, pure, untainted. But is Micah willing to sacrifice her innocence for his own selfish obsessions?

When that sexy smile makes her body burn, Allie tries with all her might to ignore it. For one thing, Micah's her new boss. For another, he's as complicated as he is devastatingly handsome. Still, Allie can only fight so much before she gives in to his dangerous games. She knows he's got dark secrets. But when she discovers the true depth of his pain, Allie must decide how far she's willing to go to light the way for love.

Bound Beneath His Pain is intended for mature audiences.

Praise for Stacey Kennedy’s Club Sin series

“Claimed sucked me in! Stacey Kennedy weaves together the intense BDSM lifestyle with the soft touch of a sweeter, more traditional love story in a novel with an engaging heroine at its heart.”—J. Kenner

“Bared is a seductively haunting tale of control and surrender that will tantalize existing fans of the series while enticing new readers into the passionate world of Club Sin.”—Eliza Gayle

“Desired is sexy, sensual, and totally seductive. Stacey Kennedy sure knows how to make a girl swoon.”—Tracy Wolff

“Freed is fabulous! Stacey Kennedy’s a master at creating steamy and heartwarming romance, where the BDSM lifestyle is inextricably bound with compelling emotion and unforgettable characters!”—Virna DePaul

“Tamed is sexy, sinful, and addictive. You won’t want to put this book down!”—Jen McLaughlin

Includes a special message from the editor, as well as an excerpt from another Loveswept title

Title: Bound Beneath His Pain
Author: Stacey Kennedy
Other books by this author that we've reviewed: Eternally Devoted, Takedown , Werewolves Be Damned, Claimed
Series: Dirty Little Secrets #1
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Published by LoveSwept
Source: Publisher
Published: July 5th 2016
Genres: BDSM, Erotic Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Romance
Pages: 211 pages
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-half-flames
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Bound Beneath His Pain is book one in Stacey Kennedy’s new Dirty Little Secrets series. It’s a spin off that we were introduced to in her Club Sin series. I loved that series so I knew this new one would be a shoe-in!

The series centers around the Dominants Council and their world of BDSM. Four friends that each own one of the four BDSM sex clubs in town and their stories. This is Micah and Allie’s story. While the clubs play a role in the book, there are no scenes that take place there, and we only get little bits of BDSM play. I am hopeful that as the series goes, we are treated to scenes inside the clubs!

Micah is a billionaire. Rich and powerful-he gets his way. He’s the head of a real estate conglomerate but keeps an otherwise low profile with the press. Doesn’t parade for the paparazzi and certainly doesn’t parade any babes their way either. That lends to the privacy he holds dear. The only exception is his charity functions for children. He lets his hair down and the children adore him. Of course we know he’s got some dark secrets he doesn’t want exposed-they all do, and he goes through great lengths to keep them hidden. Things start to warp and change when Micah meets Allie.

Allie meets Micah when his company buys out her smaller real estate company. She’s the top sales agent there, so Micah makes her an offer to work for his company, one that she would be an idiot to refuse. He’s instantly attracted to her, but Allie knows the kind, and wants to stay far, far away. Of course, Micah will have none of that. He pushes his way in and sparks fly. Allie is some-what sheltered and Micah believes he has to hide his kinky side for her-even though the demons want to make themselves known. Allie herself has secrets. She keeps hers under tight wraps too! Does she allow her vulnerability show by letting Micah know those secrets? Does Micah let Allie see his true self? Kinky side and all??

I have to say I really enjoyed reading this story! Stacey Kennedy has a particular writing style that I really like. There is a palatable attraction between Micah and Allie and you could feel the electricity. Neither was expecting the chemistry and eventually realized it was pointless to deny it. Micah was a strong, dominating guy that really has a heart of gold. I liked him very much. Yes some of his issues needed some therapy, but many a men believe they are strong enough to overcome their shortfalls and Micah is no different. The star here is Allie! I hands-down loved her! I loved her mannerisms and her way of being. I could easily be friends with her!! Speaking of friends, Liv was a firecracker! Such a good and loyal friend to Allie! I would love to get her story!!

The only issue I have with the book is I would’ve liked the sex to be more than it was. It definitely was on the sultry side, but given Micah’s proclivities, I expected a bit more out of the box. There is very little involved in BDSM throughout the book. The scenes aren’t bad, but I would have liked to have some kinky, hot scenes to sink my teeth into!

Overall, I had a great time reading Bound Beneath His Pain. I was never tempted to set it down! I loved the ending and hope the next book centers on Taylor and Allie’s brother, Darius!!


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