Review: Bound in Darkness (Immortal Brothers #4) by Jacquelyn Frank

December 4, 2015 Review 0

Review: Bound in Darkness (Immortal Brothers #4) by Jacquelyn Frank

From New York Times bestselling author Jacquelyn Frank comes the captivating conclusion to the sizzling series featuring four immortal warrior brothers who love as hard as they fight.

After drinking from the fountain of immortality along with his brothers, Maxum is condemned by the gods to be entombed in the earth. Even though he has now been granted a reprieve by day, each night he is buried anew, his rock-hard body immobilized, his bones crushed by the pressure. When he emerges, his body heals, but his spirit remains scarred. There is only one way for Maxum to be completely free: He must kill the god who cursed him.

The task will require tremendous power, so Maxum embarks on a quest to gather talismans to equip him for the battle. Then an earthy wench seduces him and steals one of his magical amulets, but he catches her. Finding herself between a rock and a hard place, she strikes a bargain. The beautiful and alluring Airianne is a skilled thief—and she can help him in his acquisition of the talismans. Will this stealthy seductress also try to steal his heart—or will their boldness end up getting them both buried?

Title: Bound in Darkness
Author: Jacquelyn Frank
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Series: Immortal Brothers #4
Published by Ballantine
Source: Author
Published: November 24, 2015
Genres: Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Romance
Pages: 354
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-flames

I took a chance in reading Bound in Darkness. It is my first book in the Immortal Brothers series for me but the cover looked good and the blurb I found intriguing. Immortals, gods, quests, it’s got all the makings of a good story.

As much as I enjoyed this book I do feel a bit tricked. It has a nice soft feel to it and Airianne is anything but soft. She’s a skilled thief and has been living on her own for a while. She also picked the wrong person to steal from; one very angry Maxum. He manages to recover back what she has stolen. To save her own hide, she convinces Maxum she would be a benefit to his merry team. Maxum agrees and takes her own.

I really enjoyed the chemistry between Maxum and Airianne. Despite his angry with the gods, I found him to have a devilish sense of humor. Airianne was fairly spunky and was able to give it back to him as well. Her constant who/what/why questions and not following Maxum along blindly on his quests to retrieve talismans had me laughing. There is the bonus of all the sexual tension and teasing that really kept things rolling along. Add into that mix are a slew of interesting secondary characters, mainly Maxum’s crew. From the charming to the crass, these no so merry men made insured there was never a dull moment. All the action, adventure and characters combined together, give a most satisfying ending Bound in Darkness.

This second book by author Jacquelyn Frank however, it is ironically also the second book time I have picked up the last book in the series. Knowing this was a series and picking up the last book doesn’t always work out well. This time around, I had no problem with the characters or the story line. Bound in Darkness worked very well for me as a stand-alone and at no time did I feel lost. Of course, I know how the Immortal Brothers now but I think it’s worth going back and reading the series from the beginning.


Bound in Darkness
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