Review: Branded Irish (Sinners & Saints #2) by Sara Brookes

April 13, 2015 Review 0

Review: Branded Irish (Sinners & Saints #2) by Sara Brookes

She’s a genius with biotechnology. He’s a sadist in tailored suits. Their business arrangement is about to get personal…in more ways than one.

For workaholic Arden, the vacation to a tropical paradise was supposed to be relaxing. But when a past lover unexpectedly crosses her path, every desire she has been smothering roars to life. When Garvey offers her a lucrative business proposition handling technology that will revolutionize the industry—and change the world—like a moth driven to flame, she can’t resist.

One year as president of Riding Irish, and Garvey is struggling to balance the burdens of the motorcycle club, his personal life, and his security firm. Weighed down with responsibilities he is convinced he can’t manage, he is near the breaking point. But Arden’s reappearance is a perfect distraction. And his second chance with the only woman he ever loved.

When Garvey teaches Arden to turn the pain he gives her into the pleasure she craves, dark desires are awakened. Limits are tested. And the line between play and love starts to blur. Just as they discover how far they’re willing to go, a heart-breaking deception is revealed that threatens to extinguish their rekindled passion.

Warning: Take a sadist with a talent for edge play, add in a masochist who craves his masterful touch, mix in a belt, some ropes, and a set of special knives and this is one second chance love story that will have you aching to get marked.

Title: Branded Irish
Author: Sara Brookes
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Series: Sinners & Saints #2
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Published by Loose ID
Source: Author
Published: March 10th 2015
Genres: BDSM, Erotic Contemporary Romance
Pages: 245
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Stars: four-half-stars
Flames: four-half-flames

I do like my smut. But not just any smut, I have requirements. There needs to be a good story line. I don’t want just a ‘Hi my name is (Fill in the blank) and immediate wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am boinking. I want a meaty story that when the hot and heavy goes down, I am cheering the characters on. And those characters better be well flushed out. Give me depth. Make me hate them, make me love them. When we are talking series, make sure those previous characters carry over into the next book. So why does all this matter. Because Branded Irish has all that and so much more.

The book starts out with on heck of a HAWT bang! Holy crow I was not expecting that and then whoosh the story takes off. Garvey runs a security firm that is on working breakthrough technology if only he can work out a few kinks (Snickers!). Arden is a genius with biotechnology. Read: Workaholic. She’s on vacay with a friend and every day checks out this hot guy running in purple shorts and not much else. Turns out that hot guy is none other than her old flame Garvey. They of course meet up, he asks her to help him with his technology issue and then….read the story you’ll find out.

I like Garvey and Arden. Both are pretty smart without being annoying about it. Sexy as all anything, too, again without being too annoying. Their characters are well fleshed out and chemistry between them is easy to understand. Yeah hi…they like their kink, but not just any kind of kink, He’s a Sadist and she’s a masochist. Interesting to say the very least. Really, I thoroughly enjoyed watching their story unfold. Garvey has some baggage he’s dealing with him being the club Prez for his MC. Which, if you like MC books without the violent gore and being way over the top, this one’s perfect. Thankfully Arden is no wilting flower and can more than handle his issues.

Everything doesn’t come to a nice neatly packaged ending because, this is a series, so I expect some issues to pop back up again. However, a word about secondary characters…oh yes! Kane and Avery, make a really nice comeback. There’s also a few extra characters (Hello Boone!) I hope get their own stories because I really enjoyed them.
I’ve read plenty of BDSM books and let me tell you Ms. Brookes writes hot sex scenes like nobody’s business. I devour every book of her’s a can because I just love her her style. Most have been on the BD or D/s side of things. However this is my first of hers that I have read that has been on the SM side of things.  Garvey, thankfully is not a GRRR! harsh Sadist and Arden doesn’t come off as a ‘OMG beat me! Beat me!’ crazy psycho masochist but still; edge play with knives, female piercings and a pain slut? Jury is still out if I like it.

I’ve been reading Sara Brookes a while now. Got to say she is EASILY one of my favorite authors and always comes highly recommended from me. From good stories to hot sex, I am never disappointed. Never have I been disappointed by anything she has written so when I say Sara Brookes is a MUST READ, you better believe it. So go now, get Branded Irish and be prepared to be amazed.


Branded Irish

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