Review – Break Me (Outlaw MC #8) by James Cox

October 19, 2015 Review 0

Review – Break Me (Outlaw MC #8) by James Cox

What if bad guys ruled the world and the good guys were the outlaws?

Now that the war is won, Outlaw returns to earth to break Liam out of prison. But what the VP of the club experienced is still unknown. Outlaw must prepare for the worst, a broken lover that he took too long to rescue. Meanwhile, Mars is rebuilding under new leadership but the peace is short lived with an old enemy on the loose. And the Prospect has some unexpected revelations, like his crush on Outlaw. As if the president of the Outlaw MC didn’t have enough to deal with.

Finding Liam in an abandoned earth prison is his goal, the rest of the universe would have to wait. Outlaw only hoped he wasn’t too late to be Liam’s hero.

Title: Break Me
Author: James Cox
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Series: Outlaw MC
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Published by Evernight Publishing
Source: Publisher
Published: September 16th 2015
Genres: Male Male Romance
Pages: 71
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Stars: three-half-stars
Flames: four-flames

Two’s company, three’s… I’ve waited so long to finally see Outlaw get Liam back from Earth. What I wasn’t expecting was a twist of another potential lover.

Why? Why would Outlaw and Liam need to add to their relationship, especially considering they had to wait to be reunited? And then to make it the prospect…argh. James, you’re killing me here.

Ok, ok, ok. So you can see that I’m not the happiest person reading this installment. That being said, it was still well written. We finally get to experience Outlaw rescuing Liam from Earth. We also get to witness Outlaw’s revenge on the one person besides the former president of Mars.

I appreciate that Mr. Cox didn’t want to “leave anyone out”, but the idea of including the Prospect into the already strained relationship between Liam and Outlaw threw me off…a lot. And to think that this might be the last installment? Not sure if I like the taste it’s left in my mouth. (Pouty Face)


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