Review: Breaking Nova (Nova #1) by Jessica Sorensen

February 23, 2015 Review 0

Review: Breaking Nova (Nova #1) by Jessica Sorensen

Nova Reed used to have dreams-of becoming a famous drummer, of marrying her true love. But all of that was taken away in an instant. Now she's getting by as best she can, though sometimes that means doing things the old Nova would never do. Things that are slowly eating away at her spirit. Every day blends into the next . . . until she meets Quinton Carter. His intense, honey brown eyes instantly draw her in, and he looks just about as broken as she feels inside.

Quinton once got a second chance at life-but he doesn't want it. The tattoos on his chest are a constant reminder of what he's done, what he's lost. He's sworn to never allow happiness into his life . . . but then beautiful, sweet Nova makes him smile. He knows he's too damaged to get close to her, yet she's the only one who can make him feel alive again. Quinton will have to decide: does he deserve to start over? Or should he pay for his past forever?

Title: Breaking Nova
Author: Jessica Sorensen
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Series: Nova #1
Other books in this series that we've reviewed: Saving Quinton, Nova and Quinton: No Regrets
Published by Forever
Source: Author
Published: September 3rd 2013
Genres: New Adult
Pages: 224
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Stars: four-half-stars
Flames: two-half-flames

Breaking Nova is my first book by Jessica Sorensen. I’ve seen her name all over the Facebook and have several friends who I know read her books. So when the opportunity to review one of her series came up I asked them should I. Everybody came back with a overwhelming ‘Yes! You’ll love it!’ response. So I jumped in with both feet and held on for dear life.

I am an emotional wreck.

Whoa! I did NOT expect this. Breaking Nova is a insightful book about what I can only describe as survivor’s guilt. Told from alternating POVs we get to see into Nova and Quinton’s minds as they spiral down their paths of self-destruction after having lost a love one. I’m not going into the details on how and why because frankly, that is something you as a reader needs to experience for yourself. Instead I will tell you how I felt while reading Breaking Nova: sad, heartbroken, frustrated and at times shocked. At times I had profound moments my heart bleeding for both of them. That doesn’t mean I didn’t want to shake them both and tell them to snap out of it. I mean I get Quinton’s self-loathing – can’t have moments of happiness when everyone around you blames you for what happened. However with Nova I was screaming move on, move forward, it wasn’t your fault!

It’s very easy to say this is a book that everyone should read but in reality it isn’t. It filled with angst and sadness and will tear you apart. Which, if that is what you are into then hey by all means. There’s not a lot of sex and what there is, is not graphic or detailed. What there is, and may disturb some readers, is the drug element. I got to give props to the author, she really did her homework on the subject. I’ve read a few books that have drugs and they don’t come close to the raw edginess you will find in this series. If drugs is not your deal or you find too disturbing to read, consider reading something else. Consider yourself warned.

I know angst is a word used a lot in describing Breaking Nova. I will offer up 2 new words: brilliantly depressing. The further into the story I got the harder it got to put this book down. I had to know what happens. My heart is tearing up with all this build-up. Then WHOOSH! The ending. Did I see it coming? No. Was it everything and more? Oh yes. I could almost finish this series with just this book because that ending epic. While it is told from Nova and Quinton’s POVs, I really felt this was Nova’s story. I almost feel I know she will be okay. Almost. But what about Quinton? Tristian? The others? What happens to them? I need to know. I need the next book to find out what happens. And just like that, I am addicted.  

Breaking Nova


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