Review: Bride of the Black Scot by Elaine Coffman

June 24, 2014 Review 0

Review: Bride of the Black Scot by Elaine Coffman

Lady Juliette Pemberton is ready for marriage, even if it means being forced to marry a Scottish earl. Bored with dull, English society, and ready for adventure, she never expects it to give her the opportunity to gaze at length at the first naked man she has ever seen, and a handsome one at that. If all Scots look this good, being forced to wed doesn’t seem so bad… If only he was the mysterious man she was here to marry.

Title: Bride of the Black Scot
Author: Elaine Coffman
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Source: Publisher
Published: 19 June 2014
Genres: Historical Romace
Pages: 79
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: three-flames

A ‘boon’ from King George II to a favored Earl not long past the battle of Culloden results in Juliette being betrothed to The Black Scot, a clan chief and fearsome warrior.  Juliette was adorable, a bit spoilt and aware that she was to blame for her own situation, her indulgent father did not hesitate to turn away other suitors sent by the King for his daughter. Curious, talkative and determined, Juliette glimpses a naked man, glorious in form, in the small lake where she was bathing as her party awaited the arrival of her betrothed.  The English soldiers sent to ensure the deal, and her maid, were full of fear and tales of the savagery of the Scottish people: far from being daunted, Juliette sees this as an adventure: one with plenty of fuel for her imagination if the naked man is any indication.

When the escort to Craigmoor Castle appears, she realizes it is the same man she saw bathing, but he is only a messenger, Stephen Gordan, kinsman of the Black Scot: Alexander Gordon.  Terse and dour, he cannot help but be entertained by Juliette’s constant barrage of questions, her determination to not be a shrinking violet, and the quick flashes of temper. Yet he holds a secret: Stephen is the Black Scot: years of dealing with the faithless English have convinced him that hiding his true identity until he has a measure of Juliette’s character and honesty is best.

A series of interactions as the two measure one another, Juliette’s growing fantasy and affection for him, and near kidnappings outline a growing relationship, with Juliette’s constant chatter a welcome if occasionally annoying distraction for the ride.  These two are well-suited, even if only Juliette has the courage to speak honestly of what is in her heart. With clever interactions, a steamy first kiss and Juliette’s heart and boldness this is a fun and fast-paced story sure to please.


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