REVIEW: Bride by Chocolate by Alexis Lusonne Montgomery

January 20, 2016 Review 0

REVIEW: Bride by Chocolate by Alexis Lusonne Montgomery

She's everything he's not looking for in a wife...

When not-so-sweet sabotage strikes Bebe Waterston’s gourmet chocolate factory, things start looking hopeless. But she’s not a quitter. After sacrificing her personal life to prove she can run the family business, she’ll do anything to save it—including accepting help from an unlikely source: San Francisco’s high society “ Prince Charming” .

Sam Sugarman’s on a mission to marry. And in Sam’s family, finding a wife follows a recipe that starts with a box of Waterston’s Chocolates. When the supply runs out right before Valentine’s Day, the savvy CFO steps in to solve the problem, and finds the cure for his sweet tooth in the spitfire redhead. But now his dilemma is two-fold: convince Bebe he isn’t the serial-dating playboy she believes him to be and keep her safe from the person menacing her and her business.

Thrown together as the danger escalates, the mismatched duo tangles in and out of the bedroom. With a benefit gala and the fast-approaching, day-of-love deadline, they’ll need more than the gold-foil delicacies destined for a bride by chocolate.

Title: Bride by Chocolate
Author: Alexis Lusonne Montgomery
Published by Entangled Publishing
Source: Publisher
Published: 01/04/2016
Genres: Romance, Romantic Suspense
Pages: 262
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Stars: three-half-stars
Flames: three-half-flames
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Bride by Chocolate is taking us in the wonderful world of chocolate making, it is so yummy!!  A story that is sugar coated in certain moments, but thoroughly enjoyable!  The author did a lot of research on chocolate making and it is showing.  There is nothing that is more enjoyable than having a sense that an author has mastered a subject. The whole book plot is revolving around that knowledge and it is helping tremendously the story line.  While I am talking about mastering, I have to add that it should be the same language wise. There is some sentences and words in French in the books.  Bebe’s mom being Belgian, it is quite natural to see this influence on her character.  What could have been a strong point for this story became its weakness.  In fact, it is simply irritating.  When an author is using foreign language, I expect her to master it. When French is used (which is not that often), it is more like reading a Google translation of English to French.  French being my first language, it had me swearing to myself.

Sam Sugarman is an Alpha, in fact, the word alpha could have been invented for him.  He is one of the most eligible bachelors in San Francisco.  He is managing a huge corporate family business and has a thing for Waterston chocolate.  In fact, it is vital for him to have those chocolates. When Bebe was not able to send him his orders, he had to go see her by himself to let her know how essential it was for him.  This man is all about business. Always put his work first and only having fun once in a while with a woman.  He is in his early 30’s and never lived with any woman.  He is a serial dater of Blond girl and he has quite a Don Juan reputation.  He comes across as quite rough but deep inside he is a gentle soul.  Bebe have his world turn upside down, that’s when the fun begins.  I really liked that he was willing to be aware of his missteps and that he worked on changing certain behaviors. I also like the way that he was a team player with Bebe, which was totally out of character for him.

I have to address Bebe character name. Honestly, I doubt that a French speaking mother would have named her girl Bebe (anything is possible though) since it means baby in French.  That made it harder for me to take her seriously.  Character was well construct.  She is a strong will woman, wanting to prove herself and being proud of continuing the Waterston chocolate legacy.  She was willing to have Sam help her out, not as a weakness but being aware that he can provide the help that she needs.  No false pride involved from her, she is just trusting and open herself to be help.  All that she wanted was to make sure her parents would not hear about her problems. She wanted to prove herself as a good manager.  As soon as question about her relationship with Sam were coming up, she were brushing them away. She kept reminding herself to enjoy the present moment.  Some self-denying was involved, but that made her so much more interesting.

Mrs Trumble, the incomparable matchmaking secretary of Sam was as delicious as Belgian chocolate. Gracie, Bebe’s landlord, is a lovely lady, she is a tarot readers and I just loved her! Sam’s sister, Glenna, was quite an enjoyable character as well.  All of those characters were well developed and stole my heart right away.  As a romantic suspense, story line was impeccable.  It began a little slowly but built up to become a very entertaining story. It was an entertaining ride. This book has a lot of humor, it is suspenseful and we can feel a whole lot of love.  This is a solid 3.5 stars.


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