Review: Bring Me a Dream (Reveler #5) by Erin Kellison

January 30, 2015 Review 0

Review: Bring Me a Dream (Reveler #5) by Erin Kellison

The madman and the nightmare…

Vincent Blackman is a little…unhinged. He recently fought a nightmare from the world Darkside and won. Now he fears nothing and wants revenge on the man who had his father brutally murdered. And how convenient to find an ally in Mirren Lambert, his enemy’s gorgeous and sexy daughter. Unfortunately, she’s made a few enemies of her own.

She might be a nightmare, but she’s also his ultimate fantasy.

Mirren was born half human, half nightmare. She was on the run from her ruthless father, but when he abducted her young son, she knew he had to be stopped once and for all. Dangerous Vincent is just who she needs to help her, though she has a perilous part to play as well, infiltrating her father’s circles to discover his secrets. They learn something dark is stirring in the dreamwaters, and it’s reaching toward the waking world. Vincent might be holding on to the last of his sanity, but that’s okay, as long as he holds on even tighter to her.

Bring Me A Dream is the fifth installment in the Reveler serial, a hot paranormal romance set in a world where shared dreaming is a new pop culture phenomenon that allows people to indulge their wildest fantasies. But there are also unknown dangers Darkside; nightmares are slowly infiltrating not only dreams, but the waking world as well. And behind them all is a shadowy entity called the Sandman.

Revel with me.

Title: Bring Me a Dream
Author: Erin Kellison
Other books by this author that we've reviewed: Darksider, Darkness Falls, Lay Me Down, Darksider
Series: Reveler #5
Other books in this series that we've reviewed: Darksider, Lay Me Down, Darksider, Night's Deep Hush
Published by Fire Flower Publishing
Source: Publisher
Published: August 19, 2014
Genres: Fantasy Romance, Suspense
Pages: 111
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Stars: three-stars
Flames: three-flames

With a name like Bring Me a Dream, I just knew this had to be the end of this serial series.  Made sense to me when I choose to start reading it.  I was so disappointed.

It was a nice adventure.  The romance between Vincent Blackman and Mirren Lambert (the featured couple) was just as hot and exciting as everyone else’s.  I found it most interesting that “Darkside” made feelings so much more intense, to the point that it was almost as good as a lie detector.  It sure brought each of the couples in this series together quickly.

The action was just as exciting as all the other chapters.  Some questions were answered.  Vincent’s goal was achieved, but should it have been?

This novella still left us with kind of a cliffhanger.  No one is dying or anything, but the world is not safe.  It is still being threatened.  The dream world is in even greater danger.  Not all of the issues with the characters are resolved.  A rather interesting situation has been set up.

After “THE END” there is this: “Book Six in the Reveler Series will be released on September 15, 2014.”   I looked all over, from the author’s website to social media, and book sales sites.  I couldn’t find another mention of a Book Six anywhere.

This is why I don’t like reading serials unless I have access to all chapters.  Here I was expecting a complete story only to be left hanging.  By all indications, it appears there isn’t a book six.  Grr!  Arg!  From what I could find, there isn’t much of anything to be found from the author after August.  I am concerned.

If this story had not been as engaging and interesting as it was, it would not get the rating it is getting.  I am kind of okay with the time I have spent reading it.  It was a gripping story with interesting characters.  I just would have liked a complete ending.  I do not like loose threads tangling around for someone to trip over.  Grr! Arg!

So read at your own discretion and be warned, this isn’t finished.

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