Review: Brush and Whip (Kennel Klub #1) by Sean Michael

March 7, 2014 Review 2

Review: Brush and Whip (Kennel Klub #1) by Sean Michael

The Kennel Klub takes pride in matching dominant shifters with the perfect mates.

Theo is looking for just that—someone to pleasure, to love, to take care of. Having dealt with tremendous personal losses, Theo uses his human form as a shield. No one can hurt him if he’s human.

Drew hasn’t shifted in more than a year. After spending his life serving a cruel alpha, he was cast aside. Drew has found that it’s easier to protect himself if he’s a wolf. A sub at heart, Drew is apprehensive at the concept of losing control. But as Theo arouses deep needs in Drew, he’ll learn that ceding his will is just the beginning of this erotic battle.

Inside Scoop: Theo’s dominant nature may be just what Drew needs. These same-sex shapeshifters will burn up the sheets!
A Romantica® gay erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Title: Brush and Whip
Author: Sean Michael
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Source: Publisher
Published: 19 February 2014
Genres: BDSM, Erotic Paranormal Romance, M/M Erotica
Pages: 87
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: four-flames

The whole premise of this series just cracked me up: the Kennel Club is a members-only BDSM club run to perfection by a cat shifter submissive, and caters to the needs of the shifter BDSM community.  With private rooms, even providing hotel-style or small luxury apartment settings for the clientele, this club is one exclusive diversion for those with enough money and particular taste.

Theo is a cat shifter: half tiger, half lion and all dominant.  While one would expect that he might want another cat, and that Kyle, club manager would be right up his alley, Theo is looking for a puppy to love. One to be his very own.

Drew has been at the Kennel Club for almost two years after his alpha left him. In his family pack he was a beta, and subject always to the whims of his alpha.  Kyle has promised to keep him safe, fed and secure, without obligation, for as long as Drew needs to adjust to his new circumstance.

Kyle knew that Theo would be the perfect Master for the submissive Drew, and fortunately Theo ‘s first look at Drew had him instantly intrigued.  From the first pages to the last, Sean Michael manages to set the scene with emotional vulnerability, sexual tension and a character in Theo that is utterly alpha but just wants to love and be loved.  Drew was lost without his pack, yet in Theo he finds security, safety and comfort, and is able to learn from the gentle yet firm guiding hand.

I wasn’t sure what to expect: the steam is off the charts, but the story manages to speak to that little place we all have that is needing and desiring acceptance and love, and Theo’s honest desire to have Drew learn his full potential even as he is utterly submitting to his desires, the gentle progression from timid wolf pup to strong and confident wolf in the arms of his cat is heartwarming.

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  1. barbara silkstone

    This sounds so intriguing. What a fascinating take on the lifestyles of the rich and kenneled. I’m going to check this one out. I appreciate a great imagination. Sounds as if you have discovered another one.