Review: Buck Baxter, Love Detective (The Buck Baxter Mysteries #1) by Geoffrey Knight

October 10, 2014 Review 0

Review: Buck Baxter, Love Detective (The Buck Baxter Mysteries #1) by Geoffrey Knight

Welcome to Wilde City, 1924—a crane on top of every skyscraper, a party in every club, a romance on every dance floor, a shooting every night, a broken heart on every street corner and a dirty secret behind every window with the curtain drawn. It’s the kinda town that keeps Buck Baxter, private detective, in business.

For despite his fondness for a cold gin and a pipe stuffed with cannabis, Buck is the best gumshoe in Wilde City. Why? Because he has rules: never make friends, never make enemies, and never ever fall in love. That is until the day playboy nightclub owner Holden Hart swings into town. He’s suave, he’s charming, he’s chivalrous… and he’s exactly the kinda man that Buck will break all the rules for.

From the romance of the Rainbow Palace atop the Wilde City Tower, to the dazzling debauchery of the gentlemen’s parlor The Velvet Viper—from the history surrounding the sinister convent on the hill better known Hell’s Bells, to the lantern-lit opium barge, The Peking Empress, run by the mystical Madame Chang—could Buck be about to unravel the greatest mystery of them all…

The mystery of love?

Title: Buck Baxter, Love Detective
Author: Geoffrey Knight
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Series: The Buck Baxter Mysteries #1
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Published by Wilde City Press
Source: Publisher
Published: September 3, 2014
Genres: Male Male Romance, Suspense
Pages: 90
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-flames

This is a new to me author, but it won’t be the last time I read this author.  He writes a good story.  I rather liked Buck Baxter, once I got the right voice in my head.

For some reason, when I started reading this, I was thinking Sam Spade or Chicago thug, but it wasn’t working for me.  It probably didn’t help that I started reading this before bed when the brain was tired.  That didn’t work for this story either.  Not at all.  When I came back to it, after a decent night’s sleep, all of a sudden a light bulb went off, and I heard an entirely different voice.  Think Sin City with a bunch of neat stars that included Bruce Willis and Jessica Alba.  When I started reading Buck Baxter with that voice, if you will, it suddenly worked so much better for me.   Kind of dark with bits of color here and there.  That kind of fits Buck Baxter, Love Detective.

The blurb describes Buck Baxter as “the best gumshoe in Wilde City.”  I wasn’t so sure about this.  He has an office/apartment, and it didn’t sound that nice.  But, I suppose, much of his money goes to his several vices – illegal gin, cannabis, and rent boys – so he couldn’t afford the nicer digs.  In spite of these – um – habits, I still liked him.  He was a tortured soul that really had more friends than he wanted to claim.  When he came face to face with his past, well!  He had some interesting reactions.

Once I got the right look and feel going in this story, it moved along rather nicely.  A nice mix of personal moments, investigation, and action.  I raised an eyebrow at the location being called Wilde City.  Then I got to the author’s bio and learned that he owns Wilde City Press, so it was just added a little tongue-in-cheek, insider information to the story.  An interesting tidbit.

I also liked the secondary characters in this story.  They were fun and interesting, adding their own quirks to this unique story.

At the end there was an announcement of another Buck Baxter story.  I liked this story and the characters enough that I want to see where they go next and what they do.  It could be a wild and fun ride.  I look forward to reading it.


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