Review: Call Me Yours By Celia Kyle

July 20, 2013 Review 0

Review: Call Me Yours By Celia Kyle

Three hundred year old Mitchell Faerigan has been chasing Clover Brady for two years, determined to make the gorgeous red head his mate. The man is skittish, but Mitchell is one determined fae. When Mitchell’s family threatens and then tries to kill Clover, all bets are off, and Mitchell claims what belongs to him. Now, he just has to convince Clover that loving him is worth the risk. And this fae is up to the challenge.

Clover Brady has a simple life running his simple antique shop and ogling the not-so-simple owner of Faerigan Cycles. Mitchell Faerigan is Clover’s dream man with his manly muscles, dark hair, and gorgeous blue eyes. He’d like nothing more than to throw himself into Mitchell’s arms and beg him to do naughty things to his body. Unfortunately, Clover is unwilling to risk his heart. He’s still recovering from the loss of his parents, and there is no way he could ever survive loving and possibly losing Mitchell. So he’ll keep his heart to himself, no matter how tempting the other man may be.

Title: Call Me Yours
Author: Celia Kyle
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Published by Summerhouse Publishing
Source: Author
Published: June 4, 2013
Genres: Fantasy, Male Male Romance, Paranormal
Pages: 63
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-half-flames

Call Me Yours was a fun-loving story of fae-warrior, turned motorcycle shop owner Mitchell and human antique shop owner Clover. Both men worked across the street from each other and Mitchell has been pining for Clover for two years since their first encounter and the discovery Clover was his fated mate.

Following an accident, Mitchell is forced to begin the mating process in order to save Clover thus propelling him into the life as a mated fae complete with pointy ears.

The tale by Celia Kyle was wistful and lite, and left a smile on my face. The banter between Mitchell and Clover was refreshing. Ms. Kyle brought humility and humor to each of the main characters. The chemistry and synergy was evident by the desire of each man to satisfy and protect each other. Even in the face of the unknown, Ms. Kyle found hilarity in the dialogue, especially by Clover.

The inner-monologues added substance and wit to Clover’s characterization as he strategized and laid out his feelings, all the while not realizing that Mitchell could sense them as well- bringing delightful shades of red to Clover’s face.

The drama was not over the top as the story was meant to be sweet and loving and Celia Kyle hit the mark. There was something sexy about a grown man with pointy ears who giggled.


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