Review: She Can Scream (She Can… #3) by Melinda Leigh

September 12, 2013 Review 0

Review: She Can Scream (She Can… #3) by Melinda Leigh

In one moment, high school teacher and single mother Brooke Davenport interrupts a vicious assault, saves a young woman’s life, and attracts the attention of a serial killer.
Sixteen years ago, Brooke lost her roommate to a brutal murder. Now she teaches women’s self-defense, still trying to heal from the guilt and grief that plague her. Convinced the predator knows his victims and is stalking his prey online, she is determined to find him before he strikes again. Her brother’s friend, Luke has the computer expertise to help. But Brooke’s unexpected desire for Luke complicates her investigation, and her fixation with the case provokes a deadly reaction from the killer.

Injured in terrorist bombing overseas, computer expert Luke Holloway is still haunted by flashbacks of his young assistant’s death in the explosion. But Luke can’t refuse the request of a deployed friend to look after his sister, Brooke. Taking on responsibility for Brooke’s safety threatens Luke’s tenuous recovery, especially after he develops feelings for her that transcend a promise to a friend. When Brooke saves a young girl from a brutal assault and becomes a killer’s obsession, Luke vows to protect her at all costs.

Title: She Can Scream
Author: Melinda Leigh
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Series: She Can
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Published by Montlake Romance
Source: Author
Published: Sept 17, 2013
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Pages: 357
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Stars: four-stars

Have you ever read that couple that you know from the very beginning that their relationship is destined to be utterly disastrous? That is Luke and Brooke. They are both suffering from survivors guilt. Luke has been dealing with it for about three months. Brooke has been drowning in it for close to twenty years. From the very beginning I saw them as a train wreck waiting for the derail. These two together just seemed like a very unhealthy relationship. Somehow they (Melinda Leigh) makes it work.

There were a few things that I found predictable. Brooke puts herself dangerous situations. Her guilt over something that happened numerous years ago drives her to an obsession to protect other women. Her need to help women is a compulsion that has her making some fairly reckless decisions. There were times that she was dangerously close to the too stupid to live line. I stress dangerously close. All of this makes an intense read, an enjoyable read. Her passion to teach situational awareness and self defense to women makes her easy to like and relate to. Her actions also make for a great read. The suspense stayed on the pages at all times.

Luke was an unlikely hero for me up until the very end. He has found himself in a situation he would never have volunteered for. His friend, Brooke’s brother Wade has requested that Luke keep an eye on his sister for the few days that he will be in town. Luke is visiting his grandmother before his next job takes him out of the country again. For the most part Luke was taking a break from life. He is healing physically, but mostly emotionally from a horrific event that happened just a few months before.

Overall She Can Scream is my least favorite book from Melinda. I’ve loved every single one of her books. I even enjoyed this one. I just found the hero and heroine not as relatable as the other characters she has created. That is one of the best things about Melinda’s books. Her characters are always so easy to connect to. They always seem to be someone you know.

Melinda Leigh

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