Review – Captivating Nights (Boston Nights, #1) by Anise Storm

December 6, 2016 Review 0

Review – Captivating Nights (Boston Nights, #1) by Anise Storm

With New Year’s Eve and her thirtieth birthday fast approaching, best-selling author Calista Grant has a hard time envisioning actually doing something for herself. At the urging of her closest friends, she books herself a once in lifetime vacation, trading the chaos of Boston for the serene tranquility of the Caribbean. Once in paradise, she makes the decision to drop her guard and finally let loose.

Enter two bachelors, with demons of their own to vanquish. Zane Rhodes, a successful architect, is on a path of self-destruction after a tragic loss. In denial regarding his own issues, resort owner, Xavier Rivera, invites his best friend to spend the holiday with him in paradise. Once there, they both meet Calista and are immediately captivated.

Used to sharing everything, including women, they set out to seduce the innocent brunette and fulfill her deepest fantasies. Neither is prepared for what happens next, though, as the two Dominants find themselves not only battling each other, but their own demons as well. Will they be able to save their friendship before the reality of the three ends the fantasy forever?

Title: Captivating Nights
Author: Anise Storm
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Series: Boston Nights
Published by Self
Source: Author
Published: December 6th 2016
Genres: BDSM, Menage
Pages: 236
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Stars: three-half-stars
Flames: four-flames
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Let me start by saying that this story has instant attraction, lust, flying by the seat of your pants and being down for whatever written all over it. Realistic? Not really, but enjoyable.

Calista (Cali) is an author. She writes erotic romance novels and has finally been convinced by her two besties to take a long well-deserved vacation. Alone. In the Caribbean. Kudos to Cali, because the thought of vacationing by myself sounds like a disaster waiting to happen, but that’s just me. While moping around her hotel room, she starts to remember why she’s on this vacation and what her friends would be encouraging her to do. So she puts on the dress and heads to the bar.

Zane and Xavier are best buds. Very wealthy, dominant and “sharing”, best buds. In fact, Xavier owns the resort. Realizing that Zane needed to relax and refocus after a tragic accident, Xavier convinces Zane to vacation at the resort. While on a walk, Zane notices Cali on her balcony. Xavier sees Zane noticing Cali and a plan is put in to place to enjoy one hell of a vacation, for everyone involved.

Cali, of course, agrees to the plan of being Zane and Xavier’s submissive for the duration of the vacation. While their sub, she realizes that she actually IS a sub and is enjoying her time with them. Maybe a little too much. In fact, she’s not the only one enjoying their time together. Both of the men are having a hard time wrapping their heads around the fact that they could see themselves with her, exclusively. But when Cali misunderstands a conversation she overhears, the potential of any future is left in the Caribbean. Or is it?

I’m always down for a good menage. This one doesn’t disappoint. Although I did find the story a little choppy from time to time, it wasn’t too hard to figure out where this was going. All in all, a good read and the scenes were VERY enjoyable.






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