Review: Captive Eden by Brenda Williamson

June 6, 2014 Review 1

Review: Captive Eden by Brenda Williamson

Publisher’s Note: This title was previously published elsewhere under the title Her Savage Lover, but has been extensively revised for Ellora’s Cave.

On the western prairies of Nebraska, Eden befriends the handsome Pawnee half breed Indian, Brant. Over the years, he treats her with unrelenting respect and they fall madly in love, vowing to be together forever. But when Eden’s father discovers she’s with child, he sends her away.

When Eden returns home with her son to settle her dead father’s affairs, it challenges everything she left behind. Brant shows up to lay claim to his son, his feelings for her lost in his anger toward Eden’s betrayal and abandonment.

Despite the tensions between them, Eden and Brant share an undeniable attraction. Their tentative bond could be shattered when a tragic injury befalls their son.

Title: Captive Eden
Author: Brenda WIlliamson
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Published: 5 June, 2014
Genres: Historical Romace
Pages: 77
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-flames

An historical romance set in the midst of the great migration westward Williamson manages to portray the social constraints on Eden, who is friendly then later in love with a half-Pawnee man. While most of the early bits are more backstory, the real interest arrives when Eden and her son have arrived back in her father’s house after his death.

Brant knew of the coming child, but did not realize that Eden was sent east to live with relatives until his son, Charlie was born.  Eden vowed to keep him safe and away from the sort of abuse she had suffered at her father’s hand, but always held a daydream that Brant would have waited for her and things would be as sweet as when they were young.

When Brant arrives, his stoic manner and abrupt response are not what she hoped for, and the demand that she return to his village where he can control Charlie’s learning and keep her nearby have her wondering if she can comply without causing harm to herself or the child. She still loves Brant, and he her: even if they are now finding a new way to relate.

Brant and Eden are well portrayed and described, with a solid sense of the issues that could and did crop up, the dangers and even the undying love and emotion that Brant struggles to hide from Eden lest she use it against him.  As time goes on, they have to stand together against forces that would tear them apart, even as they worry over the dangers to a young child.

With some moments that dance with sensual and sexy, to some truly surprising revelations from both Brant’s Pawnee relatives and Eden’s worries about the townsfolk, the story doesn’t lack for emotion or interest.



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