Review: Captive of Her Heart by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

April 3, 2014 Review 1

Review: Captive of Her Heart by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

They were sworn enemies. She was Queen Sairin of an Eigipt. He was Darius Gaius Maximilianus, Admiral of the an Iodailian Imperial Fleet. Separate, each was a blazing star in their quadrant of the Megaverse. Together, they were a supernova waiting to explode. Maxim had been assigned the task of slapping the pampered hands of a spoiled queen who might or might not be harboring a fugitive from an Iodail justice. He meant to put a tight leash around her lovely neck and bring her to heel. Though she was his captive, Sairin intended to conquer the arrogant warrior sent to put her in her place. But before she could own his mind, she would own his body. Using herself as a lure, she would make him a prisoner of his desire. A Romantica(r) futuristic erotic romance from Ellora's Cave"

Title: Captive of Her Heart
Author: Charlotte Boyett-Compo
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Source: Publisher
Published: March 7, 2014
Genres: Erotic Sci Fi Romance
Pages: 205
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: four-flames

This is a riveting and thrilling futuristic science fiction paranormal romance. Queen Sairin of Eigipt and Darius Gaius Maximilianus, Admiral of the an Iodailian Fleet are sworn enemies, but when Darius is sent to retrieve a fugitive from the Queen, he find more than he bargained for when she decides to keep him.  But Darius’ Emperor is not going to let him go so easily and sets events in motion to destroy Darius.

This fast paced plot keeps readers on the edge of the seat and the adrenaline pumping with lots of action, suspense, action and drama.  The author brings this fascinating world to life with vivid imagery, details and well orchestrated events that capture the imagination and make the reader feel as if they a apart of the action.  The characters are strong and compelling grabbing the reader’s attention and keeping their interest with their vibrant personalities.

The attraction between Sairin and Darius burns hot from every page and the sex scenes scorch the reader with their intensity.  The relationship starts off with some differences of opinion that has sparks flying in every direction and builds up steam with lots of passion.  Sairin is a spitfire of a queen that keeps the reader on their toes as she keeps Darius on his and Darius is a strong leader caught in the middle of a political quagmire that tests his loyalty and his integrity.  The reader can’t help but get caught up their story as the couple try to find a solution that will enable them to have their happily ever after.

I found myself totally caught up in the story from beginning to end with a fascinating world full of intriguing paranormal characters that inspire curiosity and certainly have me wanting to know more, so now I will have to go and read the previous books in this series and as I found out all the books in the interconnecting series as well.


Captive of Her Heart

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  1. Charlee Boyett-Compo

    Thank you so much for this wonderful review. I am honored and deeply appreciative that you enjoyed it. It was a book that seemed to write itself and….winkwink…we haven’t seen the last of these two fiery individuals. 🙂