Review: The Case Of The Dragon’s Dilemma (End Street Agency #3) by R.J. Scott, Amber Kell

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Review: The Case Of The Dragon’s Dilemma (End Street Agency #3) by R.J. Scott, Amber Kell

Dragons, battles, a deal Sam may come to regret, and a siren attack, leaves Sam and Bob in danger, and Mikhail finding a mate.

Bob and Sam take their kind-of-adopted-now vampire daughter, Mal to look around at new schools.

Mikhail is left to babysit the last remaining rescued child whilst they are away. When Sirens appear from a portal to kidnap her, he is left facing the attack alone until a mysterious hero comes to his aid.

Ryujin, or Jin to his friends, is a dragon shifter and his role as Captain of the Dragon Guards puts him in direct conflict with Mikhail. They both want to do what’s best for the kidnapped child but trust is an issue between two different species.

The minute Jin sees Mikhail he knows what he wants. Now if Jin can only get Mikhail to see things the same way.

Title: The Case of the Dragon's Dilemma
Author: Amber Kell, R.J. Scott
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Series: End Street Agency
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Published by Total-e-Bound Publishing
Source: Author
Published: September 20, 2013
Genres: Fantasy Romance, Male Male Romance, Paranormal Romance
Pages: 115
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Stars: four-stars
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The Case of the Dragon’s Dilemma by R.J. Scott and Amber Kell was a nice addition to the End Street Detective Agency series and must be read in order. Sam and Bob, from the first book, have taken their daughter to boarding school only to return to find destruction in their home while Mikhail was babysitting the rescued children. One of the children was a dragon princess and soon their home is overrun by a very fierce warrior dragon named Jin, who happened to be Mikhail’s mate.

The dragons were a wonderful addition to the series as they added spark and drama. Jin was solid and steadfast as a dragon and as Mikhail’s mate. Mikhail was a sweet siren-vampire who loved his friends and life and found himself easily falling for Jin.

Jin was a determined character who was betrayed by a friend but managed to strive through and come out better in the end.

The team of Kell and Scott have written soulful characters and on-going story lines that will give any reader boundless amounts of pleasure as characters develop and grow with each book written.


Karyn Gerrard

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