Review: Castrato: A Vampire’s Redemption: Book One by Cypher Andrews

July 18, 2015 Review 0

Review: Castrato: A Vampire’s Redemption: Book One by Cypher Andrews

You might think it’s a fairly obvious statement, but most vampires actually enjoy what they are. They revel in it.

Nathan Bane is a vampire who doesn’t want to be a vampire.

“You know, I just figured if it was my fate to become a monster, at least I could control what kind of monster I would become.”

Once referred to as “The Renegade” and “a law unto himself” Nathaniel is called out of retirement to help find a vampire who is killing and dis-member-ing gay and bisexual males in the Seattle area of Puget Sound.

Capitol Hill is virtually shutting down in the evenings and unless you’re a lesbian or have a death wish, you stay indoors after dark.

All Hallow’s Eve is fast approaching and the invisibility that the nocturnal society of Seattle hides behind is being threatened…one castration at a time.

Can Bloodbane, the monster locked within Nathan, keep hold of itself, when the emotional needs and life-threatening worries of both the humans and nocturnals in his life wears at the very sensitive edges of his own psychological cage?

Read on and find out…

This book depicts graphic sex and violence and is suitable for ages 18+

Title: Castrato
Author: Cypher Andrews
Published by Self
Source: Author
Published: March 30th 2015
Genres: M/M Erotica, Paranormal, Suspense
Pages: 220
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Stars: three-stars
Flames: four-flames

It’s not often I give up reading a book. It takes a lot of factors to get me to stop reading a book. Too much/not enough info, bad plot, bad characters. Really I will trudge through most anything thing, cover to cover, to give my honest opinion about a book. Sometimes it’s me, sometimes it’s the book. I think in the case of Castrato, it was me.

I pretty much spent the first 40% of this book confused. There’s a lot people that get introduced and of building up to the story but for me it was a bit jumpy and scattered. I just couldn’t absorb and compartmentalize all of the what and who. I did like the characters, don’t get me wrong here. I did find, for the most part, all the characters fairly interesting. And the premise of the story, from the blurb, was fairly sound. I am a PNR fanatic, fangs and fur are my preferred reading so I actually looked forward to reading the book. I just couldn’t get into it. Even going back and re-reading I found didn’t help me. I really did want to know who the killer was and why. Maybe, if I kept going everything would have pulled itself together and I would have had my ‘AHA’ moment, I just couldn’t force myself to keep going on.

I just didn’t get it. This is no fault of the author’s, and what he has written was well done. A solid 3-stars with the chance of moving up. The beginning of the book and the first murder was very riveting. Of all the characters I had read in Castrato, I found Nathan to be the most interesting. But outside of that first murder and Nathan, my brain just kept shutting down. So for now, I’m putting Castrato down, and moving it into a possible into my ‘be read maybe at a later date’ pile. Who knows, maybe with time I’ll be able to get into the story. For right now, I’m moving on.


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