Review: Chained (Bound Gods #2) by Adrienne Wilder

May 17, 2016 Review 0

Review: Chained (Bound Gods #2) by Adrienne Wilder

Leo has been sent on a mission to find a missing doxie. And after weeks at Leo’s side, Kaleb is suddenly alone. Free of the cruelty the Chimera, he should be rejoicing. But instead, he becomes aware of a void in his heart, he never knew was there until Leo wasn’t there to fill it. When Leo returns Kaleb is faced with the choice of disobeying Leo—forcing him to take ambrosia—or risk losing him forever.

With a single flower, Leo is back under the control of the Association. And what kind of punishment is suitable for a doxie who disobeys his Master, even though it saves his life? Leo has a list of ideas, starting with Kaleb’s first visit to a Gathering.

At the Gathering of the gods, doxies, and mortal men, Kaleb first lays eyes on Aaron. The beautiful doxie is presented by the god Sol. There he will be fed the ambrosia, Awakened to his journey of immortality, and then serve his god, Sol, for all to see. Only the horror of Aaron’s treatment by Sol makes Kaleb realize monsters come in many forms.

And not all of them hunt doxies.

Title: Chained
Author: Adrienne Wilder
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Series: Bound Gods #2
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Published by Self
Source: Author
Published: April 5, 2016
Genres: Dark Erotica, M/M Erotica, Male Male Romance, Paranormal
Pages: 194
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: five-flames

Whoa! If I thought The Chimera blew me away, and nothing was going to top it, I was wrong. Chained is even more freaking believable. More sex. More characters. More twisted darkness.

I’m looking at the blurb and comparing it to what I just finished read. Okay yeah some of this stuff did happen. But honestly, the blurb sounds like a nice walk in the park compared to what really happens. Kaleb, ambrosia and Leo…YIKES! Zen you are so bad. The Gathering was sexual insanity! Sol…OMG, someone please hand me a gun. At this point, I’m not sure if he’s good or bad but I do know he needs a bullet put between those beautiful empty eyes of his. The last tidbit is Leo searching for the missing doxie. I have two favorite things about this series. The first is the connection, relationship whatever you want to call it going on between Kaleb and Leo. 194 pages is not long enough to experience it all. Heck 1940 pages wouldn’t be long enough. The second is the mystery surrounding the missing doxie. As soon as I finished Chained, my brain immediately started spinning a mile a minute trying to piece it all together. The whole God myth legend, how it plays into it all, who’s behind it all. Alton I’m blaming you for starting the problem. God it’s so deliciously dark and wicked!

Not sure what it says about me that I’m enjoying this series. It’s so dark, twisted and hopped up on the most unbelievable sex, it’s unlike any other DE I’ve encountered. The levels that Leo pushes Kaleb to should be disturbing and yet, I am hanging on every word begging for more. There’s more to this Master and Doxie relationship then meets the eye. It hot and exciting but there this… connection they have. Kaleb has the love/hate thing going on. Leo is deeply attached to his Doxie. In its own way, it’s so more deep and intense than some romances I’ve read.

Last time around, I debated if the sex was non-con or consensual. That was part of the reason I gave it such a high flame rating. This time around I can say (somewhat) it is consensual. I’m throwing in the somewhat because yes, Kaleb is wanting Leo. He may not enjoy how far he is being pushed to his limits, but for the most part, he is enjoying and craving it. Between that and what goes down at the Gathering both to Kaleb (Yowza!) and to Aaron (I want to beat you Sol!), gets nothing less than 5 Flames. Consider yourself warned.

Normally, I’m read, review, next. However, Adrienne Wilder’s Bound Gods series has given me one heck of a book hanger. I’ve taken to stalking the author’s website hoping to get a glimpse of when the next book releases. I feel like a god addicted to ambrosia. I need more Leo and Kaleb, right now. No word yet. Checks again. Nothing. Damn….




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