Review: Change For Me (Chiwa Talisman, #1) by Mari Freeman

April 12, 2016 Review 0

Review: Change For Me (Chiwa Talisman, #1) by Mari Freeman

Book one in the Chiwa Talisman series. (previously published as Hot, Hard & Howling)

Nell Ambercroft hasn’t done anything wrong. Lately. So why is someone trying to kill her? When a horde of moths lead her to a puzzle box in her basement, the Demon Hafling knows she’s found a clue. The box has some serious mojo working, powerful enough to kill for…and Nell’s at the top of the hit list.

Enter Werewolf Trent Nicholas. As Prime for the area, it’s Trent’s job to protect Nell and investigate the crime. Nell knows he’d rather investigate her body, which is fine by her; she’s loved the man for years. While the sex is sizzling, Trent continues to go cold every time he leaves the warmth of her body.

Trent’s always wanted the spunky half-Demon, but the men in his family have a nasty habit of murdering their mates. He refuses to give in to his wolf’s need to claim Nell. If he doesn’t, she might not have to worry about a killer on the loose. She could die by Trent’s hand first…

Title: Change for Me
Author: Mari Freeman
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Series: Chiwa Talisman
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Published by Nightshade Publishing
Source: Author
Published: April 2, 2016
Genres: Erotic Fantasy Romance, Erotic Paranormal Romance
Pages: 140
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: four-half-flames
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Change For Me was such a great read! There is a nice mix of characters, various types of paranormal beings. Those are always my favorite paranormal reads. Readers are given a trio of halfling demon sisters, vampires, werewolf, a Sanitarian Palermo and a Voodoo Queen. This story has action, humor, plenty of hot steamy sex (on a swing in a park!), an alpha male trying to deny his female, and an all knowing Mi-Ma. The character interaction was great. Nell knew what she wanted and I loved going along with her on her journey to get it. Trent was a great alpha male. We even get to see a hexed vulnerable side to him. I think the two biggest reasons for reading this have to be: killing by dildo and hostage negotiation potty break. There are just some things you do not see often thus when you find it you just have to read it.

I’m looking forward to what Mari has in store for Nell’s two sisters. I can only hope that she plans on exploring them and the father’s basement. I will definitely read more of the hot steamy books in the Chiwa Talisman series. .

Favorite quotes, yep there’s 2. Trent is FOREVER talking of killing Nell.
“I may not kill you, but I have a feeling you’ll be the death of me.”
“I’m probably gonna kill you. But it’ll be me killing you and no one else. You hear me.”

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