Review – Charge (Electric #1) by E.L. Todd

October 10, 2016 Review 0

Review – Charge (Electric #1) by E.L. Todd

White-hot, blinding, and dangerous.

That's exactly what Volt is.

He's electric.

The first time I met him, my body reacted. It coiled, sizzled, and sparked. I knew I wanted him because he was the first man to make me feel dead and alive at the exact same time.

But within a short conversation, I knew he was unattainable.


Now we're just friends.

But will we stay .

Title: Charge
Author: E.L. Todd
Series: Electric
Published by Fallen Publishing
Source: Author
Published: October 11th 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 229
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Stars: three-stars
Flames: two-flames
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I’m so irritated. Yep, you heard me correctly. But I think I’m more irritated with myself than this story. You see, when you read the first chapter and immediately know what “the drama” in this story is going to be, it pretty much stops appealing to the reader. But when you’re a good writer, you know that you can pull readers in with the story regardless, right? And so began my irritation.

From the very beginning we meet Volt who gets his heart ripped out of his body with just a look. Dramatic, right? Yes, but oh so true. Then we meet Taylor who is new to NY, starting a new job, but thankfully has a best friend to lean on. Too bad her best friend still hasn’t gotten over her heart being broken over a year ago. Do you see where this is going? Cuz I did. Just sayin’. Did I mention that we find all of this information out within the first chapter, maybe two? Yep.

After starting her new job and not wanting to hang out with her depressed BFF, Taylor finds herself making friends with her co-worker. She’s invited out for a fun night with her and a lot of guy friends and before long, Taylor and Volt meet. To say the physical chemistry wasn’t there would be a lie, but Volt’s reputation keeps Taylor thinking FRIENDS. Yes, I screamed the word. Because in all honesty, I totally understood her hold up. And THIS is where the author does a fantastic job pulling the reader in to the story of becoming friends and all that goes along with it, including how feelings start to blur and change.

But then I’m left in that irritated state again. Why? Because even though I still know what the drama is, and have been waiting for the poo to hit the fan, it doesn’t happen. Nope. Nada. Nothing. Zilch. In fact, now I’m left staring at my Kindle wondering WTH just happened and why hasn’t this ended. I mean, I totally get it. This is a series and we need to make this last, right? But there are so many other characters and things going on in “that” part of the story, I was assuming that the series would just be about the additional characters (which by the way I found more interesting in some way or another). But nope, I’m wrong again. See. Irritated.


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USA Today Bestselling Author, E. L. Todd is one of the most prolific authors of her genre, having published over a hundred novels. With over one million copies sold, she writes romance stories ranging from contemporary romance, new adult romance, and fantasy romance. She’s best known for her Forever and Always Series as well as her Timeless Series.

She loves coffee, ice cream, and anything with sugar.


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Somehow, without even realizing it, Taylor became my friend.

When I first met her, I thought she was some awkward woman, and then I got to know her better and I wanted to have a one-night stand. But then she told me off and demanded the respect I didn’t give her.

And boom! We were friends.

I’d never had a friend that was a girl. There was always sex involved, and if sex couldn’t be had, there were some decent hand jobs. Natalie and I were friends, in a way. But I viewed her as Derek’s sister most of the time.

After I got off work, I was walking to my apartment when Taylor texted me.

The Muffin Girl.

She usually sent me these cryptic text messages, and it was my job to figure out what she was trying to say. Now?

She sent an emoji of a blueberry muffin.

That wasn’t too complicated to decipher. On the way.

She sent me a picture she took of herself. She was shoving the entire muffin into her mouth like a snake that was swallowing a mouse whole.

I chuckled and typed a reply. Damn, that’s sexy.

Then she sent me an emoji of a hand flipping me off.

I laughed then shoved my phone into my pocket. I walked to the bakery and spotted her sitting outside at one of the picnic tables. She wore a long pink dress with a purple cardigan over it, her usual classroom attire. She looked like a stereotypical schoolteacher, classy but also a little nerdy. Her long brown hair was in curls and she wore a large sun hat to keep the sun out of her eyes. She looked like she belonged at the beach—minus the cardigan. “When you start a dating profile, you should make that picture as your profile picture.”

“So no one will be interested in me?”

“No one is going to be interested in you anyway.”

She gave me a playful kick under the table.

“What’s this?” I spotted the coffee and muffin on my side of the table.

“I figured you didn’t want to wait in line.”

“But how did you know I would come?”

She shrugged. “You don’t have any friends besides me so what else would you be doing?”

She made me smile bigger when I didn’t think it was possible. “Touché.”

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