Review: Cherry Pie (Mercury Rising #1) by Samantha Kane

November 8, 2014 Review 0

Review: Cherry Pie (Mercury Rising #1) by Samantha Kane

"You can go home again if you can get a foot in the door."

A year after packing and moving from L.A. to Mercury, North Carolina, John Ford still hasn't adjusted to the heat. Or to life without his long-time partner. As he fixes up the old house he bought, the quiet becomes his only companion, and he s content with that until a deep-voiced stranger plants himself under a tree across the street.

Eight years ago, Connor Meecham left someone behind in that house himself. Now he s back to find the man he used to be, before drugs and prison sent his life careening off the tracks. But it s not his mother s face peering through the window any more. It s a man who seems as lost as Conn himself.

When John learns what the house and the dying town mean to Conn, he finds himself opening the door to his heart. Just a crack. But it s enough to get mixed up in a world of emotions as complicated as the recipe for the perfect cherry pie. Where one misstep can turn something sweet and juicy into one hot mess.

Title: Cherry Pie
Author: Samantha Kane
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Series: Mercury Rising
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Published by Samhain Publishing
Source: Publisher
Published: September 16, 2014
Genres: Male Male Romance
Pages: 169
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: three-flames

I LOVE a romance that is centered around small town life. Mercury, North Carolina is that town. In fact readers come to find out that “Mercury makes pretty good glue” and it’s not from a factory that doesn’t exist there. Mercury has its own type of cure all for those that look. It’s a true slow down compared to what John Ford left behind (ran from) in L.A. John is still going through that adjustment when a stranger shows up at his house looking for something that John is pretty sure he won’t find there.

Connor knows the Meecham house better than most. He goes there looking for something he lost along his way years ago. When readers meet Connor he is so lost and close to broken that you can’t help but want him to find that lost piece and the glue that will put it back together. While Connor is looking for his lost something he finds something he didn’t know he was looking for, John. Connor sees something in John that he never expected to be able to have.

Cherry Pie is all about the healing of old wounds in the way that is only possible in a small town. The title makes so much sense once Miss Priss steps onto the pages and lets her desires known. Once some special residents get involved It is easy to see what the coming home does for Connor and John. Mercury also acquires two men that it is in need of.


Gay Romance

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