Review: In From the Cold (Courtland Chronicles) by Cat Grant

October 24, 2014 Review 0

Review: In From the Cold (Courtland Chronicles) by Cat Grant

Cold and sick, Seth Thompson must fight through a snowstorm to get home. Seth’s unconventional upbringing taught him to always reach out to strangers in need, and Iranian engineering student Bilal al-Mansoori is no exception. Being trapped together leads to an unexpected mutual attraction—and a feverishly hot night under the covers.

But Bilal needs more than simply a rescue from the weather—he’s trapped under lifetime of cultural pressures. His strict Muslim father and fellow Iranian students have no clue about his inner torment. His attraction to Seth isn’t a welcome discovery—instead he’s trapped between the existence he’s always known and the prospect of living and loving openly for the first time in his life.

Title: In From the Cold
Author: Cat Grant
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Series: Courtland Chronicles
Source: Author
Published: September 15, 2014
Genres: Male Male Romance
Pages: 91
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Stars: three-stars
Flames: one-half-flames

I’ve read and thoroughly enjoyed quite a few Cat Grant books. When I saw this recent release I just had to grab it. I LOVE college guy gay romances. They are a favorite of mine. Seth and Bilal are both students at Cornell and they are fighting the flu that seems to be plaguing students at the worst possible time, right before midterms.

Bilal is all study and no play. His Muslin upbringing  and the expectations of his father has him living a dull life. He also doesn’t have the time or funds to be sick. Sitting in the school clinic waiting room is not how he wants to spend his time. He knows that he has to get through the cold and flu season thus he sits and waits for the meds to help him.

The household Seth was raised in allows him to have a very open mind to others. His kind soul lets him see things differently than many. When Seth sees the very attractive Bilal suffering the same cold and flu and miserable weather that he is he sees only one option, to bring them In From the Cold.

This makes for a very sweet romance. Seth and Bilal’s initial goals are get well enough to make it through midterms. Seth takes this opportunity to explore things with Bilal. He sees something in Bilal that many others never see. Bilal has to come to terms with what truly makes him happy even though it goes against everything his father expects of him and the religious beliefs that he knows he should follow.

In the end I was left wanting more. I looked into the previous Courtland Chronicle novellas and see that they follow the main characters through more than one novella. I’m guessing that readers will get more page time with Seth and Bilal in other books. Had I known that going into this one I probably would have skipped it or waited until there was more than one to read. So the less than wowed level of enjoyment rests fully on me, not the author or her story.

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