Review: COLIN (Demon Hunters #1) by Evanne Lorraine

October 20, 2014 Review 1

Review: COLIN (Demon Hunters #1) by Evanne Lorraine

All Holly wants is a Dom to call her own. All Colin wants is a sweet little slave and some rope. It should have been so easy... Why the hell did she have to be human?

Holly loves her job as a private nurse, but the ill and injured offer little chance to explore her secret longings, especially not for a submissive seeking a master worth risking her heart. When she braves the exclusive La Ceinture Noire, a mysterious dom takes charge of her. She never sees his face, but she'll never forget his powerful mastery.

Demon hunter, Colin avoids the sweetly submissive nurse next door because she doesn't deserve to be drawn into his nightmare world. No one does. All he has to offer her is pain and heartbreak. He damn near hurts himself by tripping over his own tongue when he spots her in red lace lingerie at the club. After a too brief interlude with the enchanting little slave, he comes to his senses, and alters her memory of their encounter before leaving.

There's more to Holly than he suspects. For openers, she's immune to his mind games. He can't erase her memories without serious damage and he can't bear to hurt her. The more she learns about him, the greater her jeopardy. How can he keep her safe?

Warning: This story contains a dangerously hot alpha male and a sweet woman with steel under her curves along with violence, red-hot sex, and kinky rope play.

Title: COLIN
Author: Evanne Lorraine
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Series: Demon Hunters
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Published by Self
Source: Author
Published: December 15th 2013
Genres: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Pages: 135
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-flames

All Holly wants is a Dom to call her own. She is subconscious of her curvy body but when her friend leaves her a package and invitation to exclusive La Ceinture Noire, she decides to brave it all hoping to meet that special person. All Colin wants is a sweet little slave for the night. When he spots sweet Holly in red lace lingerie at the club, he knows he has to have a taste. As a Demon hunter, Colin knows anyone drawn into his nightmare world could get hurt or killed and he doesn’t want that for Holly. But there’s more to Holly than he suspects.

What a great romance story! COLIN has all the elements I love in a book: Paranormal, D/s, great characters, smoldering heat and adventure. I adore Holly. She so sweet yet so strong and I LOVE her curvy body. I get so tired of reading about perfect skinny chicks so a woman with curves always always a plus in my book. Now for Colin *wipes drool from chin* I’ll take a couple of servings of him. Demon (okay HALF demon) and a Dom… two of my favorite ingredients mixes into one. When he does the Shibari demonstration with Holly, oh man was that erotic. As for his half-demon side, I would have never thought feathery down would be so sexy. I actually re-read that part three times then pause for a mental visual. Now would be the time to mention that cover because my review would not be complete if I didn’t. OH. MY. GOD. Perfection! I must have stared at it a full five minutes before I finally read the blurb. (Pausing now to drool again) Now THAT is a cover! As a representation of Colin, it is missing one thing, feathery down. If you want to know what that means, you’ll have to read the book! Back to the story.

The connection between Colin and Holly was hot and their longings for each other were fairly intense. And the sex, YOWZA! The sex is smoldering hot yet still tastefully written. I know some would call this a BDSM story but I feel it was more of a D/s love story with some kinky rope play thrown into the mix. Thankfully, their story ends with a sweet HEA. This is my second book by Ms. Lorraine and I got to say, I am really enjoying her work. She has a way creating characters and their stories that suck you in and won’t let go. Once I started reading COLIN, there was no putting this book down. Anyone looking for a new author to read will enjoy Evanne Lorraine. I know I will be recommending both her and COLIN as a must read.


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    Thanks for the review. I’m definitely adding this to my To Buy list.