Review: Up and Coming by Christi Ann

August 4, 2014 Review 0

Review: Up and Coming by Christi Ann

Phillip Matthews is an ambitious corporate lawyer with a kinky personal life. He has no problem keeping the two separate. That is, until the boss’s debutante daughter Anna Beth catches Phillip and his bare-bottomed submissive Callie bent over his desk. Career at risk, Phillip fears the uptight beauty will run and tattle to her father.

Anna Beth is too intrigued by what she saw. Accustomed to manipulating men and getting what she wants, Anna Beth naïvely propositions Phillip in the office elevator.

Realizing that there is more to Anna Beth than meets the eye, Phillip calls her bluff and gives her an elevator ride she won’t soon forget. Now Phillip intends to get what he craves from Anna Beth. Total submission.

An EC for Men contemporary erotica story from Ellora’s Cave

Title: Up and Coming
Author: Christi Ann
Source: Publisher
Published: 11 July, 2014
Genres: BDSM, Erotic Short
Pages: 36
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Stars: three-stars
Flames: four-flames

The EC for Men line really isn’t just for men –written in short form these are hot, quick, no happy ending promised scene stories, usually told from the male character’s point of view, and are an interesting look at how the other half may look at things

A corporate office party is no place to enact a scene: particularly not in your office, and not if your tendencies are to dominate.  And you should remember to lock the door.  Two things that Phillip didn’t pay attention to, and was caught out in a very hot scene with his submissive by the boss’ daughter.

Surprisingly enough, the straight-laced and apparent vanilla daughter is far more curious about submission and the release it will allow, as Phillip learns early the next morning in the company elevator.   Short, hot and laden with name calling and spanking that appear to be perfectly acceptable and exciting for the two women he beds, Phillip’s aggressive domination style with a novice was less than a comfortable read.  He did, however, realize the need for gentleness, even if it didn’t quite fit the ‘norm’.

A decent quick and short read with plenty of action and excitement for readers, even if it missed the mark for me with Phillip’s behavior.  GaeleBadgeNew

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