Review: Command (Bonds #3) by Sierra Cartwright

February 27, 2015 Review 1

Review: Command (Bonds #3) by Sierra Cartwright

With all she has to offer, she’s his to command…

Aria DeWitt is a runaway bride. Only months away from her wedding, she panicked, returning her engagement ring and donating her gorgeous gown to charity.

She’s less than pleased when she’s reassigned to a new work project and sent to work with Grant Kingston in the middle of nowhere. She knows of his reputation as a recluse and genius, but she isn’t prepared for how handsome, powerful and deliciously Dominant he is or how he ignites something inside her that no man ever has.

Grant isn’t happy when his cherished solitude and creativity are shattered by Aria’s unwanted and unwelcome arrival. That is until he glimpses her carefully concealed vulnerability. Aria’s confidence and responsiveness intrigue him, ensnaring him in a way he’d never believed possible, chipping away the ice that shrouds his heart.

As he interacts with her, he realizes why she ran from marriage. She’s never met someone strong and complex enough to hold her interest. And suddenly, he’s determined to be that man.

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of anal play.

Title: Command
Author: Sierra Cartwright
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Series: Bonds #3
Other books in this series that we've reviewed: Crave, Claim
Published by Totally Bound
Source: Author
Published: February 27th 2015
Genres: BDSM, Contemporary Romance
Pages: 260
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: four-flames
Bailey Bradford

Command, this third entry in the Bonds series, was all I could ask for in a book. Fun and entertaining, this story had me alternating between giggles and sighs. With awesome characters, hot sex, a great story-line there was no putting this book down.

Mister Grumpy Pants has met his match! Throughout the series I have found Grant to be such a reclusive grump but getting to experience him in his own book, I’m doing a complete 180. He’s not grumpy, just misunderstood. He’s actually very sweet in a geeky kinda way. Smart, strong and sexy, Aria is just what Grant needs. P.S. – I want her boots! Their dialog is quick, snappy and oh so entertaining. And the sex…mmmmm! You take two smexy people and throw them in a remote ‘cave’ things are definitely going to heat up. Okay seriously folks, there is a natural development between these two that was a absolute pleasure to watch unfold. And the technology that they talk about…I want a Molly! Of course all of this wouldn’t be going on if our friendly meddling boss – slash – best buddy Julian didn’t stick his nose in it. So of my favorite parts, or at least had me laughing the hardest, revolve around him.
I always end every book by Sierra Cartwright with a big smile. She has a way of taking me on a journey that keeps hooked from cover to cover and as soon as I’m finished I’m telling all my friends you got to read this book. Now normally I’m sad when a book ends especially when I really enjoy the characters. but in this case, I am absolutely giddy because I know there are four friends and three have gotten their own books. Which means there has to be one more book and I know who’s next. *SCREAMS* Julian!!!!





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  1. Sierra

    Aww! Thank you so very much for your time and such a fabulous review. You have my friends giggling over the “Mr. Grumpy Pants” line. Love YOU!