Review: The Craving (Rogues of Scotland #1) by Donna Grant

October 13, 2014 Review 0

Review: The Craving (Rogues of Scotland #1) by Donna Grant


Resigned to a lonely life after a fierce betrayal of the man who broke her spirit, Meg Alpin retreats to her family’s castle. In her pursuit to move on with her life, she uncovers long buried secrets and discovers something magical amidst the furniture in the tower. In one instant, her dull world is given bright new meaning in the form of a Highlander too magnificent, too handsome to be real.


Cursed and caged in a mirror by a gypsy, Ronan Galt’s existence is complete darkness and unquenchable need. When he’s brought back into the light, his distrust of women is at odds with his instant attraction to the beautiful and strong Meg. In his quest to be free of his prison, he will learn the true meaning of love – but will it be too late to claim the woman that was destined to be his?

Title: The Craving
Author: Donna Grant
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Published by Self
Source: Author
Published: 6 March, 2014
Genres: Historical Romace, Paranormal
Pages: 120
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-flames

Oh what a way to start a series! And, apparently I have been under a rock – since I’m only starting to discover the fun that is a Donna Grant book. Cleverly mixing Romany Gypsy curses in the early 15th century Scottish Highlands as we meet Ronan and his friends Morcant, Stefan and Daman as they ride off for adventure and fun in the distant hills where the Gypsies have a small camp.  The series is called Rogues of Scotland, a most apt titling for their free moments when they gather and escape duties and obligations to enjoy themselves.

Ronan is delightful, although determined to never marry or weaken himself for the sake of a woman. Being caged in a mirror without light, distraction, conversation or anything to do BUT think on his own bad behavior, he is desperate to break free of the mirror, only he isn’t sure what will end this curse.

Meg has run to Ravensclyde castle at the suggestion of her aunt, after her fiancé abandoned her on their wedding day, taking her dowry with him. Heartbroken and angry, Meg is determined to make something of her life in the hope she can stay in the castle forever, rather than seek the charity of other family or the security of a convent.  When her curiosity brings her to the tower room on a search for unique furnishings to use in the main floors, she uncovers a large mirror, only to see no reflection.  When she uncovers the mirror on her quest for more furnishings a few days later, she is surprised to find a shirtless, kilted man standing at the tower window.

From here, Meg and Ronan perform a delicate dance:  her learning his story and basking in the company even though she believes he is only placating her, but she finds herself attracted if not trusting.  He, not trusting but unwilling to upset her and lose his freedom.  These two must learn to trust in one another, and perhaps realize that not all men, or women are as they expect.  More conversation and true ‘getting to know one another’ than a rush to the sex, although there is one lovely scene the two aren’t instantly bonded and in love, at least not where they will admit it, too soon.

A perfect first taste of a series that will have each of Ronan’s friends find their own redemption so they can break the curse cast so long ago.


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