Review: Cuffed by His Charm (Dirty Little Secrets #4) by Stacey Kennedy

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Review: Cuffed by His Charm (Dirty Little Secrets #4) by Stacey Kennedy

A tabloid scandal unites a powerful mogul and a woman from the wrong side of the tracks in this tantalizing novel from the USA Today bestselling author of Bound Beneath His Pain and the Club Sin series.

Spoiler alert! The following reveals crucial plot points from Restrained Under His Duty.

The multimillionaire owner of a chain of successful Irish pubs, Gabe O’Keefe loves being in the spotlight almost as much as he loves women. But when all his secrets are exposed in a shameless tabloid, his glistening reputation takes a hit. What hurts most is learning who sold him out: sweet and sensual McKenna Archer, his own employee. Gabe thought he could trust her. But now he’s got bigger problems than keeping his hands off McKenna.

After putting a difficult past behind her, McKenna would never betray Gabe. But she knows someone who would: her brother, a compulsive gambler who owes money all over town. To make things right, McKenna will have to set aside her feelings for her boss. Easier said than done. Gabe oozes pure temptation. But when they team up, McKenna sees that he isn’t the manwhore she always thought. He’s strong. He’s real. And the heat between them is the only thing that makes sense anymore.

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Title: Cuffed by His Charm
Author: Stacey Kennedy
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Series: Dirty Little Secrets #4
Other books in this series that we've reviewed: Bound Beneath His Pain, Tied to His Betrayal, Restrained Under His Duty
Published by LoveSwept
Source: Publisher
Published: November 14th 2017
Genres: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Pages: 188 pages
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Stars: four-stars
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Cuffed By His Charm is book four in Stacey Kennedy’s Dirty Little Secrets series featuring stong and powerful men in San Francisco. Since this is the last book in the series, I knew we were finally going to get some answers!  It can be read as a standalone, but the underlying mystery is present throughout all four books.  I would recommend starting from the beginning to understand all that had happened prior to this book.

There is a tabloid magazine publishing stories exposing dirty secrets of a group of San Fran’s most powerful. Who is doing it? Why? What do they want?

At the end of book three, we know that Gabe’s bar was bugged and that’s how the secrets were getting out, but we are thrust into another layer of questions to solve this mystery.

McKenna works for Gabe, and she looks pretty suspicious as the one who sold him out. But why would she? Gabe and her have had an unspoken trust and attraction that they never acted on. The boss and an employee is all sorts of danger, so they never crossed that line.  Gabe is hurt about the tabloid stories and takes it out on McKenna when her confronts her about her betrayal.

McKenna is loyal to a fault. How could Gabe even entertain that she would do that to him? But she unfortunately knows someone who would-her brother. A man who would do anything to fund his gambling habit. Boy did he turn out to be a slimeball and a half!  McKenna’s priorities are definitely screwed up there!  I felt she was strong at some points, but her logic and reasoning were way off.  She was her brother’s enabler, plain and simple!

I enjoyed this book and loved Gabe throughout.  I had a harder time with McKenna. I just didn’t connect with her. Probably just me, but she was making me pull my hair out at times! I had a hard time following her as she bounced back and forth a lot.

I also liked seeing all the guys and their girls! But the real star here was Alex!!  Gosh talk about an ass-kicker! I would love to get a chance to read her story!!

All and all, a good book, and a series worth reading!


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