Review: Damned and Desired (Demons in Exile #2) by Kathy Kulig

September 5, 2013 Review 2

Review: Damned and Desired (Demons in Exile #2) by Kathy Kulig

Damned and Desired Kathy Kulig Stand-alone sequel to Desert of the Damned.

She’s a demon, he’s a shapeshifting leopard. From their first meeting in the Arizona desert, passion ignites and trouble begins. As a demon, Sakari Lock must harvest lifeforce energy through sexual seductions to sustain her exiled world. But when Sakari meets Brad, she breaks the number one rule of Anartia—don’t get personal with your quarry.

Physician’s assistant Brad Montag is drawn to Sakari’s lustful advances with a blazing desire he can’t explain, unaware of how dangerous she is. No matter how enticing, she’s a complication he doesn’t need until he can conquer his past and regain control of his shapeshifting abilities. Sex this wicked and good can only lead to disaster.

When immortals from an alternate dimension try to free their exiled world, Brad is caught in the middle of a battle that could destroy not only him, but the land he loves.

Reader Advisory: This book offers a bit of bondage for your BDSM pleasure, as well as secondary characters getting down with a little M/M/F fun of their own.

Title: Damned and Desired
Author: Kathy Kulig
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Series: Demons in Exile
Other books in this series that we've reviewed: Desert of the Damned, Damned and Defiant
Published by Ellora's Cave
Source: Publisher
Published: January 6, 2010
Genres: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Pages: 162
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Stars: four-stars

I can honestly say I’d be prone to taking late night strolls through the desert if I knew someone as sexy as Brad would be found. Brad sees his luck the same when he is out trying to get a handle on his leopard and he stumbles upon the exotically gorgeous Sakari. He wants her with a consuming lust that he has never experienced before. He doesn’t know that there is an otherworldly force at play. He just knows that he wants the desert beauty.

Drone life is not to Sakuri’s liking. She is new to the role of chi gatherer. Her world Anartia needs the life energy to hold it together, with it crumbling it needs even more of the essence that she can harvest. Harvesting is her biggest problem though. It never goes as it should and her compassionate nature puts her at odds with some of her duties. Her biggest obstacle is not making it personal. She finds it impossible to stay detached when that is exactly what she should be doing. The sexy leopard shifter reciprocating the attraction does not help matters either.

Kathy Kulig’s Demons in Exile series has turned out to be a seriously hot read. I’m enjoying that more than just the hero and heroine of each book are contributing to that hotness. Dante can easily melt your eReader all on his own. I am definitely looking forward to his book. The Anartia plight is intense and keeps getting crazier. I’m glad these books came into my inbox.

Damned and Desired can easily work as a stand alone. I do suggest reading Desert of the Damned too though. Some of the characters have roles in both books. You’ll also get more page time with Dante. He is so worthy of more pge time. Readers will also see what happens that puts Sakari into her new Drone role. Heads up on some of the erotic content. Multiple partners, pegging, male male scenes, and some sexy m/m/f menage.

Kathy Kulig

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  1. Sophia Rose

    This series does seem to offer quite a bit of heat in the desert. Thanks for sharing about it.