Review: Dangerous Addictions (Messed-Up Heroes Series Book One) by Naomi Bellina

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Review: Dangerous Addictions (Messed-Up Heroes Series Book One) by Naomi Bellina

With the aid of an inexplicable but opportune superpower, he's determined to conquer any hurdles to gain back his freedom. Except one hot mess of an obstacle he can't get around.

A terrorist attack poisons the water and leaves hundreds of thousands of Americans dead. Countless more are left with diminished brain function. As the government seizes control, order is restored in the country but freedom is taken away. A nation is quarantined, all citizens regulated to stay within the borders.
For Riley, a genius hacker, that lack of freedom, particularly travel restriction, is not acceptable. When he suddenly develops a bad-ass power and learns he can manipulate electricity, he sets out to use that power to gain back control. The discovery of a murder forces Riley to team up with Danika, an enigmatic woman with her own freaky power and scary secrets. When they find that the dead scientist was working on a machine to uncover more people with superpowers, the adventure begins as they attempt to track the device.
Death and danger shadow the pair as they travel to the waterways of Florida, the mountains of Colorado and places in between. With each of them following their own agenda but compelled to work together, they search for answers in a world shaped by terrorism, and discover buried pieces of themselves along the way.

Title: Dangerous Addictions
Author: Naomi Bellina
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Series: Messed-Up Heroes
Published by Self
Source: Author
Published: August 8, 2016
Genres: Dystopain, New Adult, Paranormal Romance
Pages: 225
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Stars: three-half-stars
Flames: three-flames
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After a terrorist attack poisons the water in the U.S. leaving most people dead or mentally defection, the government takes full control of everything. Borders are closed, the order is restored but those left intact have lost all their freedom. And then there are those like Riley and Danika who now have special abilities, ones they are keeping a secret. Someone has found a way, a device to find those with special abilities, people like Riley and Danika…and now that someone is dead. They are now trying to get their hands on the device before it falls into the wrong hands

Riley and Danika, okay I found them to be both interesting and annoying. Danika too darn inquisitive and Riley too secretive. They both have a lot of trust issues with each other but considering the current state of the Secure States of America, I don’t blame them. Riley’s less than scrupulous past gives them an added edge as they try to hunt down the machine. The further into the search they get the more people pop up dead. Honestly, I don’t know what had me more riveted, the adventures Riley and Danika had or the control that the government was taking to keep people ‘safe’. Let’s hope no one in power actually reads this book and gets any ideas! Just kidding… 0.o

My first book and certainly not my last, by author Naomi Bellina, has it all. Murder, suspense, and intrigue keep this story rolling at a fast pace. The slow building from distrust, to working together, to something more for Riley and Danika made for delightful. This will make a great read for lovers of NA paranormal romances that have a little something extra.

One final note: Secure and not the United States, yikes what a name! Hope that’s not a prophecy.



Dangerous Addictions
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