REVIEW: Dark Confessions by Angie Sandro

February 11, 2016 Review 0

REVIEW: Dark Confessions by Angie Sandro

For Sherrif's Deputy Elizabeth Caine, seeing is believing. But in the past few months, she's witnessed an otherworldy realm of ancient magic and ghostly spirits that defies explanation. When a friend connected to that world of witchcraft is taken captive by a ruthless criminal, Bess will risk anything to find her, even if it means enlisting the help of a former lover she can no longer trust.

Ferdinand Lafitte can't tell Bess the truth about his feelings for her, not while a powerful spell binds him. But he can guide her through the lush bayou in search of Mala LaCroix, whose fate means as much to him as it does to Bess. Yet as their search reveals the darkest kinds of sorcery, they find themselves drawn together more passionately than ever before . . .

Title: Dark Confessions
Author: Angie Sandro
Published by Forever, Forever Yours
Source: Publisher
Published: 02/09/2016
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 183
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Stars: three-stars
Flames: one-half-flames
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This is a tricky review, even though this book was not officially appearing to be part of the Dark Paradise series, it is most definitely one of those. I did not have read any of the series books and I feel like that it is why I did not enjoy this story as much as I could have.  When it comes to review, fairness is the most important thing to keep in mind.  Out of that fairness, I am giving this book 3 stars.  If you are planning to read it, I strongly suggest that you read the other books in the Dark Paradise series first.

It is a fairly short read, about 150 pages, and it has a whole lot of characters.  I am sure that all of them appeared in other books so that the readers had time to familiarize and get to know them.  Obviously, it was not my case, and I struggled until I reached about 60% of the book.  At that point I started to get a sense of who is who and related to whom.  This story is written both with Elizabeth (Bess) and Ferdinand point of view.  It gave some depth to the story, but was kind of confusing at time (I had to get back couple of pages just to make sure I was really getting what was going on).

There were some things that were well done, others that missed the mark.  Pace was so fast that I was feeling like there was no time to breathe.  I would have loved to get some intimate moment with the characters.  One of the biggest flaws of this book is Bess, two of her closest family members were kidnapped but her emotional response to it was almost non existent.  I get that she is a strong woman, in charge of the Police Department; but I did not felt all the emotional turmoil that should have been present.  It might be because she needed to keep it rational, but she let herself have intimate encounters with Ferdinand.  We felt her passion in the love scenes, but it was odd in regards of the current events surrounding her.  At the beginning of the story, she hated Ferdinand, wanted to hurt him.. a couple of hours after she was into his arms and his bed.  Right in the middle of some action scenes, she was stopping and kissing Ferdinand.  They were running for their life and bullets were flying, but you just stop to kiss someone?  It was not Bess or the book brightest moments.

Some parts of the story were really good (the ending), but Bess parts kept pulling me out of it.  There were too many things going on for a 150 pages book.  It is feeling rushed and I think that is the main reason why the story was a bit of a let down.  That being said, Ivy, Sebastian and their mother were thrilling.  I loved Ferdinand side of the story. Ferdinand character was well built and believable.  The supernatural side of the story was well done and it sure does have a lot of action scenes that were well written and that I enjoyed.

Angie Sandro is talented and is able to bring us into her imagination and her world.  It was an entertaining read and I might be reading her Dark Paradise series soon.


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