Review: Dark Cravings (Dark #1) by Madeline Pryce

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Review: Dark Cravings (Dark #1) by Madeline Pryce

As a half-breed vampire, Ella Grey’s life sucks. She does her best to pass the time killing demons and secretly admiring her Shadow Hunter partner, Micah. He’s hot, dangerous and knows it. He’d be just Ella’s type if he weren’t likely to kill her the moment she put a toe out of line.

A chance encounter with a succubus changes everything. From the second the succubus’s spell washes over them, Ella and Micah are helpless to keep their hands off one another. The sex, when it’s not leaving them on the verge of death, is earth shattering and for the first time in ages Ella is connected with someone on a level she’d feared lost forever. But a dangerous prophecy has been set into motion, and if Ella’s not careful it’ll pull her straight from Micah’s arms and into the deepest bowels of the underworld.

Title: Dark Cravings
Author: Madeline Pryce
Other books by this author that we've reviewed: Dark Cravings, Dark Innocence, Claiming Ecstasy, Wicked Magic
Series: Dark #1
Other books in this series that we've reviewed: Dark Cravings, Dark Secrets
Source: Publisher
Published: December 25th 2013
Genres: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Pages: 239
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: four-flames

I’ve been drowning in a sea of dark erotica and was getting tired of it. I needed SOMETHING to get out of my book funk.  My first love in genres has always been PNRs so after eyeballing author Madeline Pryce for a while, when a chance to review her books came up I jumped. I actually started with Dark Innocence not realizing i was reading the series out of order. It was so good I had to start the series from the beginning.

When I first started reading Dark Cravings I initially felt like I had jumped in the middle or maybe I had missed a previous title. After checking a few times and seeing yes I am on book one, I figured the plot was written this way for a reason. So I settled in and decided to go along for the ride. Exciting action, steamy sex, great characters…Dark Craving has it all! YES! YES! YES! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for.

It took a while but I eventually figured out the who/what/whens of the book and became completely engrossed. Ella is an amazing character. A bit flawed but a very strong woman. She has quite the interesting background story. Ella is quite the tough chick and she can kick some serious butt. Her partner is no slacker either. Micah, holy smokes! What a man! He has some issues with her in the beginning but then there’s a chance encounter with a succubus that stirs things up…OMG! I swear the heat between these two just about sent my Kindle on fire. These two cannot keep their hands off each other and there’s a reason for that. And THAT is when the book gets real interesting. But the sex was not just what had me hooked. It was the whole package of the book. Lots of action and intrigue as Ella and Micah struggle to find out why they can’t keep their hands to themselves. Lips zipped shut but boy does it make for one heck of a story.

So besides the MC there are quite a few secondary characters that I adored. Ella’s sister, Hannah, Micah’s brother Eli and a lion shifter, Dante, all who I met in a previous out-of order read, are my favorites. As much as I felt their book (Dark Innocence) could be read as a stand-alone, now that I read Dark Cravings, I totally get them. That should give you a hint to keep reading the series. There’s one more character that caught my attention, Castro. He has a interesting story. I’m not giving anything away but I will say this…pay attention to him. There are some uber bad folks, Lizbeth for example and one more that I’m still thinking he’s bad but I do straddle the fence on if I like him in all his badness or not. Julian. He’s one you have to figure out for yourself. The jury is still out here.

Really, I don’t know why I held out so long reading anything by Madeline Pryce. She has one heck of a way with words that kept me up all night reading. Anyone who enjoys PNR NEEDS to read this author. Even though she has other books, this is the series that you should start with. Read Dark Cravings and I’m sure you’ll be like me…craving for more.


Dark Cravings
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