Review: Dark Secrets (Dark #2) by Madeline Pryce

August 1, 2014 Review 1

Review: Dark Secrets (Dark #2) by Madeline Pryce

The worst moment of Micah’s life was when Ella nearly died in his arms. Her miraculous recovery should have been the start of their future. Unfortunately, a new demonic heritage, the Shadow Agency’s corruption and Julian, the vampire who turned Ella, are testing their relationship. Despite hotter-than-ever sex and a variety of new places and positions to explore, Micah begins to wonder if a relationship based on lust can survive for more than a few scorching-hot months.

Ella has forgiven, but not forgotten, the fact that Micah once plunged a dagger through her heart. Everything with Micah is passion, excitement and an uncontrollable desire to explore his body in a variety of very satisfying ways. But as buried secrets, ongoing lies and murderous deceptions pile up, Ella is reminded that she and Micah’s relationship was based on a curse. In order to forge a future together, Ella and Micah will have to face down their personal demons—and prove that love and trust are more than just words.

Title: Dark Secrets
Author: Madeline Pryce
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Series: Dark #2
Other books in this series that we've reviewed: Dark Cravings, Dark Cravings
Source: Author
Published: July 11th 2014
Genres: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Pages: 239
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: four-flames

Let me just start with I LOVED THIS BOOK! Yes I say that a lot but Dark Secrets was fantastic read. Having read both previous books in the Dark series, I can say this is the best one yes. A reader’s dream come true when a series gets better.

So what does this one have going for it that the first title didn’t? Well dear reader, it’s all in the title. Dark Secrets. Oh yes, this one is full of secrets. Seems everybody has one. I was definitely on the edge of my seat guessing what would happen next. Ella and Micah’s world has just gotten more complicated an as each puzzle piece was exposed I found it harder and harder to put the book down. BTW…the sex between them is still how and oh so delish. As the mysteries surround them unraveled I kept check my page count because frankly, I just didn’t want the book to end. I loved how this book was told in alternating first person POV.  Each chapter switches back and forth between Ella and Micah, which I loved because as each tragedy is revealed you got to experience it from both sides. I know not many people like when authors write books in 1st and even less alternating POV, but I certainly do. I feel the added extras of knowing what the MC are thinking give a interesting perspective to the story. In Dark Cravings I found myself  on the fence about Julian. I knew he was bad I just couldn’t decide if I hated him enough to want him to die or stick around to twist up the storyline. I’ve come down on the side that I don’t like him and what happens to him…let’s just say I’m smirking. Dante and Hannah are back for more, as well as Eli. I do feel sorry for the guy.

Madeline Pryce has quite the awesome story here. I do wish I had started reading her early because she has a delightful what of writing a story I easily lose myself in. However, I glad the series of her I started with is Dark. Anyone who love a great paranormal series is going to love it. I’ll be telling my friends this is a must read.



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