Review: Darker (The Dark Side #2) by Ashe Barker

May 16, 2016 Review 0

Review: Darker (The Dark Side #2) by Ashe Barker

Book Two in the The Dark Side series.

Can she outrun the secrets of her past, or is surrender her only choice?

Eva Byrne’s first encounter with the darker side of Nathan Darke’s sensuality ends in disaster. Frightened, hurt, betrayed, she struggles to regather her shattered confidence—in him, and in herself.

Desperate to continue her journey of exploration and self-discovery, Eva has to convince a sceptical Nathan that she’s worth the trouble. And that she can learn to submit to him. When she is forced to reveal elements of her past she has preferred to keep hidden, both her brilliance and her vulnerability are laid bare. Will Nathan accept Eva as she is, and help her to become the woman she longs to be, or will she face yet another rejection?

Terrified and intrigued in equal measure, Nathan has no idea how to deal with the exquisitely enigmatic Eva Byrne. Should he cut his losses and run, or allow their relationship to continue, and watch as Eva’s delicate beauty unfurls in his hands?

Fascinated and ensnared by Nathan, Eva longs to taste what he offers and her erotic journey continues. But how much will she have to surrender to him in order to liberate her own desires?

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of dominance and submission, including sex toys, pain play, anal play, nipple clamps, erotic waxing, restraints and caning. It is best read in sequence as part of a series.

Title: Darker
Author: Ashe Barker
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Series: The Dark Side #2
Other books in this series that we've reviewed: The Darkening, Darkening, Darkest
Published by Totally Bound
Source: Publisher
Published: April 11th 2016
Genres: BDSM, Erotic Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Romance
Pages: 197 pages
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: four-flames
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Darker is book two in the Dark Side series by Ashe Barker and I think I loved it even more than the first! I am so glad this picked up right where book one left off! The cliffhanger was just- oh my!

Nathan is a dom who says he is strict. He likes to use pain with pleasure to amp up his sex and because of that, the use of safe words is a must. He pushes limits and when he finds that Eva has a problem using her safe words, he is not comfortable knowing her safety could be as risk. He is not a sadist. He has a specific plan for the pain and pleasure. However, with Eva, he is feeling something different with her from the other subs he’s previously had. He’s lenient with her about his rules. He seems to not want to punish her for infractions. He just wants to enjoy her and have her enjoy him.

Eva pushed herself and lost control. She was determined to be the best sub Nathan has ever had and in her mind, she had to endure more than any other sub had. When a scene goes wrong, she terrified Nathan. Against his better judgment, she convinces him to give her another shot.

We are treated to all that Nathan is and I loved every minute of it! Nathan is falling and he is confused about how he feels and why. He knows he wants more and more of her- most certainly for sex, but also her time, and dates, and conversations. Just more.

Eva meanwhile is gaining confidence, not only sexually, but also as who she is. Yes she is a genius, but maybe not so weird as she feels she is. Nathan doesn’t make her feel that way. He seems very interested in whatever she has to say. I loved their talks. Yes they are raw and sad, but then some are oh so funny too! She is a brainiac and he’s a billionaire, seemingly from so very different worlds, that connect and get each other. I am hooked on them and the I feel the story wrapping around me-gripping me tighter and tighter as I continue to read on.

As this is a three book series, I know there are things that will happen which will make the couple question their situation. I am so hopeful that they make it and decide the other is worth the effort to overcome whatever is thrown their way.

Yes, we are once again treated to another cliffhanger. Ms. Barker seems to be a master of those! And yes book three is sure to be a doozy! I loved everything about Darker! I am anxious to start the final book in the Dark Side series and am already certain it will have a place on my “read before you die” shelf!


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