Review: Daughter of Fire by Courtney Sheets

July 18, 2013 Review 0

Review: Daughter of Fire by Courtney Sheets

The moment Kalama arrives in Hawaii, the lure of the island and the power of the volcano rush through her like the welcoming caress of a long-denied lover. Pele has called her home to deal with the growing threat against Hawaii and her residents.

There’s no time to appreciate the lush landscape—or the gorgeous backside of the infuriating Jack O’Conner, who wears his disdain of ancient Hawaiian myth like a big, shiny beacon.
The last thing Jack wants is some USGS expert on Hawaiian lore wrecking his research. But Kalama isn’t remotely what he expects. Jack’s more than happy to let her wreck his research, his bedroom…and anything else she wants. Their attraction is immediate and the sex is scorching. Even amidst growing danger, they can’t help but appreciate each other in every gorgeous setting the Big Island has to offer. But when something threatens the Goddess of Fire, it threatens all of Hawaii, especially the budding relationship between Jack and Kalama.

Title: Daughter of Fire
Author: Courtney Sheets
Published by Ellora's Cave
Source: Publisher
Published: 19 June, 2013
Genres: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Pages: 90
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Stars: five-stars
Flames: three-flames

Starting slowly and rather dry, this looks like it will be a simple story of love in the lab. Jack is a volcanologist working at the USGS lab at Kilauea in Hawaii.  The USGS has assigned him a new lab assistant, and he is not a happy camper.  With the arrival of the new scientist, and the thefts and vandalism of several treasures and offerings, his time is at a premium.

When Kalama Young appears on the scene, Jack is instantly attracted and wholly besotted.  Kalama has a special relationship with the islands and the gods that inhabit them, even as Jack seeks to deny that “mumbo jumbo”.

I did not expect a standoff of god-like proportions that played out in rain, sea, thunder and lava: but Courtney Sheets provided all of that with that peculiar patois that is so Hawaiian in speech and aloha. The overwhelming threat to the island does take precedence in the story, and more than once Jack and Kalama were interrupted right before their scene went from steamy to too hot to handle.  When they were finally able to get together, the scenes were earth shaking, literally.  This was a quick read that turned out better than the first chapter indicated it would be, and perfect for a  satisfyingly sexy read.

I received an eBook copy from the publisher for purpose of honest review for the Jeep Diva. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility. 



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