Review: Daysider (Nightsiders, #1) by Susan Krinard

July 29, 2013 Review 0

Review: Daysider (Nightsiders, #1) by Susan Krinard

Human/vampire relations are in turmoil in a stunning new series by New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Susan Krinard

Tensions between human and vampire factions are escalating. Peace hangs in the balance. And like two ill-fated stars, Alexia Fox and Damon are destined to collide. She's a seductive human operative on a mission to infiltrate an illegal vampire colony. He's a vampire and represents everything she loathes-and all that she desires. Their attraction is scorching, immediate...and could explode like the fragile truce they've both been fighting independently to preserve. Now the world's last hope hinges on their ability to work together. As enemies they are doomed, but as allies they just might save the world.

Title: Daysider
Author: Susan Krinard
Series: Nightsiders
Published by Harlequin
Source: Publisher
Published: August 1, 2013
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 304
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Stars: three-stars
Flames: three-flames

Daysider was one of those books where there were so many things that I absolutely loved. The main reason I read it as with the majority of the books I read is for the romance. This book has a hero, a heroine, sex scenes, a happily ever after, and absolutely no romance. For the most of the book Alexia and Damon hate each other, dislikes what the other supports, and has absolutely no trust for the other. The constant hate and disdain makes it difficult to see them in their happily ever after. I need passion and want and desire in my romance. I most definitely need the chase. The couple and their pursuit of one another is what makes the romance romantic.

Now let’s move on to the awesome, the world and the dynamics of that world. The world is dark and violent, and almost could be considered post-apocalyptic. Around thirty years ago there was an Awakening and vampires made an appearance to humans for the first time. There were battles and war and a fight for supremacy that ended with an armistice. This allowed for humans and vampires to have some peace from each other while staying in their own areas. Nothing is ever that perfect and not everyone does exactly as they should. It was also impossible to keeps the species separate and now there are mixed bloods, half breeds, and some with mutations.

Alexis and Damon are neither human or Nightsider (vampire.) There is not a comfortable place for them in any society. They are similar in that they are living a half-life among people that will never accept them. Who better to send into the no man’s land known as the Zone to investigate what may very well be the start of something extraordinary or the start of someone stretching their boundaries where they shouldn’t? Just when I started believing that Damon and Alexis were merely expendable pawns Krinard kept doing the unexpected with this world and I was shocked by much of what was really going on.

Susan Krinard


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