Review: Death Benefits (Max Logan #1) by Sharon Saracino

December 30, 2015 Review 0

Review: Death Benefits (Max Logan #1) by Sharon Saracino

Max Logan’s insecurities have consumed her to the point that she has allowed them to skew her perceptions of people and circumstances. She has grown progressively more bitter, sarcastic, and solitary since her divorce and feels as though she has spent a lifetime getting the short end of the stick through no fault of her own; still she trudges on. Things can always get better, right? Of course, it’s hard to cultivate optimism when she finds herself dead; the victim of a D.I.E (Death in Error) caused by an overeager Grim Reaper in Training. She brokers a deal to be sent back to Earth as a temporary substitute for the Superintendent of Spiritual Impediment. Can a girl who can’t recognize her own problems rectify the issues of the living impaired? Or will she discover that concentrating on their issues gives her a new perspective on her own?

Title: Death Benefits
Author: Sharon Saracino
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Series: Max Logan #1
Other books in this series that we've reviewed: Smitten With Death, Life After Death
Source: Author
Published: April 30, 2013
Genres: Paranormal
Pages: 200
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I have a confession to make. Death Benefits is not my first book by author Sharon Saracino. It’s my second. I originally read the third book in the series first and instantly fell in love with Max’s character. She was just such a crack up for me I knew I had to go back and find out her story from the beginning. So I grabbed a copy of Death Benefits and settled in for a read.

Max is had a few bad cards handed to her in life. None so much as a sudden and unexpected death, one that shouldn’t have happened. A victim of a D.I.E caused by an overeager G.R.I.T. she finds herself in quite the predicament until she manages to talk her way into filling in for the S.S.I. who is out on maturity leave. Lots of acronyms there and I’m sure you’re wondering what does that all mean. In a nutshell, her death was a mistake by a rookie grim reaper and now she’s acting as a social worker for souls that haven’t crossed over yet. Easy peasy…NOT!

Get ready for Max! She’s all sass and sarcasm. With this first person POV story, you get to experience the delightful biting wit of Max’s inner monologs as she deals with life, death and everything else. Expect a lot of wucking funderful zingers as she feels her way through it all. I can’t decide what was more entertaining, her dealing with her family, bargaining her way out of being dead, or how she deals with the dead souls. Either way, it had me laughing until I cried. Max has this grouchy charm about her that instantly had me liking her from the very beginning. The adventures she finds herself on bring her on quite the self-discovery, and while she doesn’t quite manage to heal her soul, it’s a good start.

I really do wish I had read the stories in order. Reading them out of order overall did not detract from my enjoyment. Unfortunately, for me, having that insider’s knowledge of where Max would eventually end up at (and with!) sort of got in the way. Instead of kicking back and enjoying what is a great series, I kept trying to guess what was going to happen next. Still, author Sharon Saracino has a killer series with Max Logan. This is something I would definitely recommend.

Death Benefits

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