Review: Defying the Moon by Cheryl Dragon

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Defying the Moon Cheryl Dragon This is the prequel to Outsmarting the Moon.

Brian's life is simple-screw hot guys and catch bad ones. But when the one man he can't forget rescues him and finds out a secret even Brian doesn't know, his life takes a new turn. Brian is a werewolf. Desperate to find a cure, he keeps Ed close for protection and turns to his sister, a zoologist, for help. Being so close to Ed reveals all his insecurities but Brian fights his feelings. Out of fear, Brian pushes Ed away one too many times. Only then does he realize keeping Ed at arm's length won't make it better. Ed is all Brian needs to face whatever lies ahead. He just has to win him back

Title: Defying the Moon
Author: Cheryl Dragon
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Source: Purchased for Self
Published: April 1, 2009
Genres: Male Male Romance, Paranormal Romance
Pages: 73
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Stars: two-half-stars
Flames: four-flames

Being the animal control officer in the neighborhood Ed takes all of the stray animal calls. While he loves animal and enjoys helping them whenever possible getting calls in the middle of the night is not something that he enjoys. Having to cage and tranq what can only be a werewolf brings a whole new level of ‘what the’ to his life.

Brian is pretty oblivious to some of his nocturnal activities. He believes one thing to be happening when a very different other is taking over his life a few nights a month. The last thing he expects though is to awaken to the man he has tried (and failed) to shelf as a one night stand, a man who is telling him things that are not only impossible, but just plain crazy.

Plenty of hot sex scenes! Brian and Ed cannot keep their hands and mouths off of each other. They are hot for each other from the very beginning of this hot little novella and they never let up on their needy feelings for the other. In the end though I really needed more. The ending just left me wanting more answers on Brian’s behalf. I know this is a prequel, but the next book leads into someone elses lives.

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