Review: Deliverance from Sin (Sinners and Saints #5) by Rosalie Stanton

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Review: Deliverance from Sin (Sinners and Saints #5) by Rosalie Stanton

If she learns the truth about what he is, there’ll be Hell to pay.

Demonic trouble always finds Varina, no matter how far she runs. When she learns her late father left her something at their ancestral home, Varina is drawn back to a place she never thought she’d see again.

Ever since the world almost ended, Campbell, Sin of Pride, has been nursing scars both inside and out. Ashamed, he’s determined to keep his head down until he’s back to his old self. Yet when he learns that Legion, the biblically notorious demon, has escaped, Campbell has a choice—capture it, or advertise how low Pride has fallen.

Varina has been chased by too many demons to believe Campbell is a normal man. Yet she sees herself in his haunted eyes, and realizes he’s like her—a demonic-possession survivor. Despite reservations, Varina lets her walls down, and slowly accepts the possibility that she might not have to go through life alone.

Though deception is part of the job, lying to Varina is the hardest thing Campbell has ever done. But as they get closer, and Legion gains strength, the truth is bound to come out. He just doesn’t know what it will cost him.

Title: Deliverance from Sin
Author: Rosalie Stanton
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Series: Sinners and Saints #5
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Published by Totally Bound
Source: Author
Published: November 1, 2016
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 327
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Stars: four-stars
Flames: three-flames
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I have to confess! I’ve been reading the Sinners and Saints series completely out of order. No biggie because I haven’t had any problems keeping up…until now. Okay hang on, not all of Deliverance from Sin has me scratching my head. It’s actually the Prologue that does. I’m really not getting the tie in with the rest of the story. Did I miss something? Did something happen in previous books and I have completely blanked it out? Frankly, I had to wipe it from my memory because three chapters in and it was still driving me nuts. I’ll have to revisit it in the future. Note to self: when reading the next book, remember this prologue!

Anyhoo, other than that, Deliverance from Sin was a great book. Varina makes quite the heroine lead. Tough, strong, but a very sad history. Campbell I had moments I wanted to shake his butt. Both are struggling with things that happened in their pasts but I can’t help but think she was the stronger of the two in dealing with ghosts of the past. She a human who survived demonic-possession and he’s the Sin of Pride who survived (Barely!) the world almost ending. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know he’s a Sin and thinks he is more like her having been previously possessed. When he learns the demon Legion has escaped Hell, Campbell, is assigned to recapture the escaped demon.

As much as I thoroughly enjoyed the book, there was a bit of predictability to the story. You just know Campbell’s lies are going to snowball out of control. Equally, I am not normally a fan of sex happening too early in the story. However, since their first romp in the sack was more of a mindless quickie in a bar bathroom, I’ll give it a pass. There’s humor, hot sex and re-visits from previous characters that keep things moving along smoothly. I have to say my favorite part is when Campbell comes clean…right down to his name. LOL!!! Loved that part! Fans of author Rosalie Stanton are going to love it too and if you need a reason to read this book, that there alone is worth it all.

Deliverance from Sin

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